1. M

    Inerrancy: Not Absolutely Certain because Restricted to Autographs?

    Theodore Letis and Richard Muller (PRRD 2:414) claim that Warfield's view of inerrancy departed from the historical view of infallibility in restricting infallibility to the lost autographs. It is the concern of many in the BP/MT/TR/KJV camp(s) that this leaves the church without an infallible...
  2. calvinich

    B.B. Warfield's Lyrics and Poetry

    I've recently transcribed a copy of "Four Hymns and Some Religious Verses" by B.B. Warfield. Whereas it was previously available as a scanned document, I've transcribed it into a textual PDF file, which is more readily copy-and-pasteable. Here is the link...
  3. Logan

    Letis on Inerrancy, and Warfield

    I did an inordinate amount of reading this week. As posted in another thread I was trying to find out more about Letis' position and was excited to find a lengthy interaction between him and Dr James White. Unfortunately it is not Letis at his best and he repeatedly demeaned Dr White, refrained...
  4. sastark

    The Doctrines of "Infallibility" and "Inerrancy"

    (Note: I hope this thread can be used to discuss the doctrines of "infallibility" and "inerrancy." It is not my intention to discuss the merits or lack thereof of different textual traditions. That is why I am placing this thread in the "Theological Forum" and not the "Translations and...
  5. eqdj

    Quick Poll: Which Translation of Calvin's Institutes?

    Hey Y'all, In researching the 2009 Year in the Institutes I came across this thread: Best Version of Calvin's Institutes But it looked like there was no strong winner, so would you please answer three simple questions? (Not looking for debate or discussion, just which do you prefer)...