1. Travis Fentiman

    How Church Rulings Do & Do Not Bind, & of Breaking Them

    If the Church is not neglected today, it is often idolized; if Church authority is not disregarded, it is frequently turned absolute. The Biblical and historically presbyterian position is that Church authority is conditional, and can only confirm the truth and what is good; it binds only...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Reformed Resources on Political Theology

    How can politics be reformed according to the Word of God? Christians more than ever need to gain a more thorough understanding of what Christianity says about politics and law. To say that political theology has been neglected in modern times is an understatement. If it is of help, I have...
  3. B.L.

    C.S. Lewis Quote from "God in the Dock" (Of All Tyrannies...)

    Morning, I've seen the below C.S. Lewis quote circulating around lately and thought I'd drop it here in the Quotes Forum. I do not have the page number to go along with it, but its from his work God in the Dock. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may...
  4. T

    Romans 13 and US History

    As an outsider I don't really know much on the issue, but did the founding fathers of the US violate Romans 13 by rebelling against the Crown?