1. J.L. Allen

    Which Version of Augustine’s Confessions?

    After the semester ends, I want to listen to some audiobooks. I have the LibriVox app, and it’s pretty nifty. There are two different versions of The Confessions by Augustine. Pusey or Outler? Why would you choose one over the other?
  2. G

    Is the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) a “novelty translation”?

    I put novelty translation in quotes because I’ve read it criticized as such though my personal experience has been quite the opposite. The CSB has been absolutely delightful to read and the differences I’ve noticed between other translations have been insightful and, for the most part, appear to...
  3. Charles Johnson

    Rutherford's Examination of Arminianism partly Translated

    Greetings brethren and fellow PBer's, There is a new translation of never-before-translated sections of Samuel Rutherford's Examen Arminianismi available now on Reformed Books Online. The work is a systematic examination and refutation of the teachings of the Remonstrant Arminians and it tends...
  4. jandrusk

    Manuscript Comparator

    Although it looks like it's still a prototype it does look cool for those that can parse Greek. Manuscript Comparator by Open Scriptures