1. Logan

    Trying to understand Theonomy and its critiques

    Edit: I meant to note in the title that this is specifically about Bahnsen's writing on theonomy, no one else. Since the Bahnsen Project liberated Bahnsen's recorded material from CMF, I've been listening to a good bit and got into one of Bahnsen's series on ethics. Now background: I would...
  2. P

    Postmillennialism and the Law

    I very much lean toward a postmillennial view of eschatology, however I just can't swallow the theonomic or Covenanter views of the law and its place in the millennium. I hold to the usual Reformed view of the threefold division of the law, with only the moral law being binding. I also...
  3. JS116

    Westminster and Theonomy

    While listening and reading different resources I've heard of this new teaching of the law called Theonomy.I've been hearing different views on the subject and no straight answers. So I want to ask you guy's what exactly is Theonomy? How is it the same or differ from the historic...
  4. sastark

    Greg Bahnsen's "dismissal" from RTS

    The Wikipedia article on Bahnsen says "Greg Bahnsen's vocal advocacy of Christian Reconstructionism and theonomy was highly controversial during his lifetime, and a public disputation pertaining to theonomy led to his dismissal from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi."...