the book of job

  1. G

    Help a conflicted pastor

    I think I understand and agree with reformed teaching concerning oppression, Satan, and his activity. It all makes sense when reading a book or article by a reformed author. Job's boils and the Church in Smyrna seem to answer EVERY question. I honestly hope they do answer all - but after all...
  2. Romans922

    Where does Job Sin?

    Job sins, he is condemned by Elihu and the Lord? Job repents in ch. 42, so where does Job sin?
  3. Davidius

    Does Job teach annihilationism?

    Job talks a lot about going away, dying, sleeping, etc. and never waking up or coming back, just going into dust. Does he believe in the afterlife/resurrection?
  4. reformedman

    Job an allegory

    I remember back in college, my literature 'teacher' was stating emphatically that the book of Job was all figurative language. Today, on another forum, this came up again. I am wholeheartedly against this notion, I believe the book of Job to be an historic book of fact. And I believe...