1. C

    Do you listen to other sermons on same text before preaching?

    Hello, I am very new to preaching and I'm still exploring what works best for me when it comes to preparing for a sermon. I was wondering if anyone here listens to sermons from the same texts that they are working on prior to preaching (I mean after you're finished with your manuscript). Does...
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    About me, but God first

    Hello fellow Puritans! I should've wrote this before making my other posts, but oh well. I am Matthew G. Bianco, currently a 19 year old attending Wheaton College (IL) getting a chemical engineering degree through Wheaton's 3/2 program (I am on summer break now). As you can imagine from my...
  3. M

    100% online Reformed Seminary

    What is one of the best Reformed Seminaries available 100% online? I live in South America and want to study for the Bachelors degree.