street preaching

  1. T

    Street Preaching Help

    Does anyone know of a helpful guide to street preaching, or might anyone here offer substantial guidance (beyond the obvious)? An opportunity has arisen for me to do some of this type of ministry with our church, but I am inexperienced. I’m looking for something along the lines of a method.
  2. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Paul Washer on Biblical Evangelism: What are your thoughts?

    What are your thoughts after watching this video? Love to hear them I have been convicted of a LOT of sin in my manner and attitude towards evangelism. The Biblical Gospel & Evangelism - Paul Washer - YouTube From 38 minutes onwards there brother Paul speaks some cutting words on street...
  3. C

    Phil Johnson on Open-Air Preaching

    The topic has come up on Puritan Board now and then about whether open-air preaching is appropriate/helpful. Phil Johnson has a post on this that I appreciated. I hope some of you do too. Pyromaniacs: Street-Preaching