sola scriptura

  1. C

    Sola Scriptura and the OT

    I've been conversing with a Roman Catholic concerning SS. He asserts SS is a made-up concept and the OT is full of 'tradition'. I see the bottom line as being: Israel did not have a 'inerrant' leader/council (as in Rome claims), so the comparison is invalid. i.e. no where are we pointed to OT...
  2. S

    “Sola Scriptura, the Protestant Position on the Bible” From Reformation Trust Publishing.

    The original article can be found at Snyder's This book is authored by some of the top contemporary theological minds in Christendom. Each one wrote a chapter treating the topic of sola scriptura. The forward was written by Dr. Michael Horton. Together they present a cohesive, and...
  3. J

    Solus Spiritus Sanctus: The forgotten Sola.

    This question is directed at ministers, and those proficient in Latin: is "Solus" the correct word to use here? And why was this idea of the Holy Spirit alone never formally developed as were the other Solas? "For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as...
  4. johnbugay

    Ratzinger's Misunderstanding of the Reformation

    I'm still working my way through Scott Hahn's book. My contention had been that Michael Horton was correct to direct people to interact with Ratzinger/Benedict's theology, but wrong to recommend a work like Hahn's, given that Hahn would not only provide a summary of Ratzinger/Benedict, but would...