1. InerrantBible

    Greetings from Orange County, California

    Hello everyone. My name is Samuel Choi. I am a seminary student (M.Div) in my early forties who lives in Orange County, California. I grew up Presbyterian, attending mostly churches that were part of the Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad. The KPCA is the liberal (Karl Barth?) branch of the...
  2. InerrantBible

    Christian Leaders Institute free Bible school

    Hello everyone. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute a few years ago (I think), but I quickly lost interest. I stumbled on Christian Leaders Institute again in August of 2020 while I was searching for "free online seminary classes." CLI calls itself a Bible school that offers free...
  3. J.L. Allen

    Increasing Productivity During Seminary

    Howdy folks, For those of you who are either in seminary or have gone through the process (doesn't have to be seminary specifically to be helpful), take me through what your schedule looked like. What sort of things did you do to organize your semester both as a whole and daily? What courses...
  4. J

    RTS vs. SBTS vs. GPTS

    Hello all, and happy Lord’s Day! I’m currently in undergrad, planning on entering the ministry, and considering the following seminaries: Reformed, Southern Baptist, and Greenville Presbyterian. For background information, I’m a Reformed Baptist who’s open to the possibility of academic...
  5. InerrantBible

    Bible-believing Seminary that Does Not Deconstruct the Bible

    Hello. I am looking for a Bible-believing seminary where the faculty do NOT deconstruct and pick apart the Bible. Can someone help me find a Bible-believing seminary that does not deconstruct the Bible or engage in textual criticism? Does any such seminary exist? Thank you in advance...
  6. TheBruisedReed

    A time for choosing.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the PB, I covet your input regarding a couple of seminaries. In an effort to keep it unbiased, I will only offer that I have been accepted to both for the MDiv. Let's pretend for a moment that financing, relocation, etc., are not an issue. Just a vote based on a bare...
  7. Greg Hitt

    Best Seminaries for Military Chaplains

    Question: for someone looking at going into the military Chaplaincy, where should a reformed Chaplain attend seminary? I am primarily looking at RTS for their hybrid MDiv, and CTS also has a hybrid MDiv. RTS looks to have the better financial aid options. Thoughts? Comments?
  8. J.L. Allen

    Off to MARS I Go!

    Friendly folk of the Puritan Board Shire, I'm starting my time of seminary at Mid-America Reformed Seminary this semester remotely. I'm taking one class but hope to begin full time in the fall. -May I ask your prayers for wisdom where to move in order to be closer to the seminary? This would...
  9. N

    Is Trinity Theological Seminary Changing For The Better?

    I've noticed a lot of threads on here that seem to believe that Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary is of a lowly caliber and a degree mill. I would have to urgently disagree as someone who attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and transferred into trinity. I finished my BA and...
  10. J.L. Allen

    Greek Grammars

    Mods, please move if this is in the wrong section. Ok folks, Before starting seminary next year (Lord willing), I wanted to get people's opinions on Greek grammar textbooks. I have a few textbooks already from my studies at Moody. As listed: 1. A Primer for Biblical Greek by N. Clayton Croy...
  11. Mikey

    Reformed Theological Education in Australia

    Hi All! A couple weeks ago, I created a thread regarding academic theological education. You guys were so helpful, I though I'd throw a couple other questions into the ring. I am currently enrolled with Reformed Theological College (RTC). Even though they've been awesome thus far, I am...
  12. Mikey

    Do You Need Seminary To Teach Theology?

    At first glance, this question may come across as a no brainier, but I think its still worth asking. Do you need to have undertaken 5 to 7+ years of theological higher education to begin a career as a lecturer at seminary/university? With the rising costs of theological education, and with there...
  13. J.L. Allen

    Birmingham Theological Seminary

    I’ve been down in Alabama visiting family. I was hearing some stuff about Birmingham Theological Seminary. It was a good report. I was curious if anyone has any experience with them. Any OPC folks get ordained after attending there? What is their reputation compared to other places?
  14. A


    Good afternoon everyone, I am in a bit of a conundrum. Both TNARS And PRBS are excellent seminaries per the reviews I've seen on this site. I am praying and constantly consulting Godly counsel on the one that is the best out of the two choices. I would like to know your opinions on them both...
  15. Greg Hitt

    What of Gateway Seminary?

    Hey everyone! I live in Colorado Springs and options for seminary training are sli . We have NGTS, but it's unaccredited. There's Denver Seminary, but it leans libera . We also have the rocky mountain campus of Gateway Seminary. Does anyone on here know anything about Gateway Seminary? Are...
  16. A

    TNARS and its Affiliate Status

    Good evening everyone. I've been doing research about different seminaries and their benefits. The North American Reformed Seminary has come up in multiple discussions, with relatively good opinions all around. My question is about their Affiliate status. Why are they affiliated with ARTS but...
  17. P

    Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

    Gents, I've just been accepted into Puritan's MDiv program. Praise God! For those of you who know the school/studied there, what's your experience been of the piety, academics, and recognition of the seminary? Thanks! PS: I've been accepted into PRTS, RTS, and GPTS, and will be enrolling at...
  18. Jonathan95

    Struggling with the idea of whether or not to attend seminary.

    I feel a definite call to ministry, I don't really have a second thought about that. Here's the thing, if i could just go to seminary now, I would. I want to stay away from attending seminary online because being on campus is really important to me. The idea of making some terrific friends along...
  19. Parepidemos

    RTS MABS Distance (OPC member coming under care)

    Hey friends, I am a member of an OPC on the west coast and have been working through an internal call to ministry for some time. I am married with kids and I am not in a position to you at this time. Question for you all: Any recent insight on the RTS Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)...
  20. P

    CBTS or RBS?

    I'm looking into going to seminary and wanted to know, from a reformed baptist standpoint which is the better of the two? I'm debating between Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and Reformed Baptist Seminary. I've heard CBTS isn't 1689 federalism. I've also heard you can't do all CBTS online...
  21. TylerRay

    Textbooks at Union Seminary, 1865

    The following is a letter from R. L. Dabney to a seminary student. The context is that the War is over, the South is reduced to poverty, and Dabney is telling him what textbooks to try to borrow from pastors in his presbytery.
  22. A

    Advanced MDiv at SEBTS or Standard MDiv at SBTS

    Good morning, folks-- I joined the Puritan Board just a moment ago so that I could get you folks to weigh in on this question. I'll graduate this December, and I am looking for a seminary to attend. SBTS seemed like a solid choice for theological education. They have a stout faculty-- well...
  23. Y

    Greystone Theological Institute

    What is known about Greystone Theological Institute? It looks like a Reformed institute based on its faculty.
  24. J

    Southern or Southeastern?

    Im an undergrad student seeking to transfer into a 5 year BA/Mdiv program. I've been torn between SBTS and SEBTS for the past couple months. Here is the dilemma. As a reformed Baptist, Southern seems like a great option, I've heard marvelous things about how God is using their faculty. I've...
  25. D

    From SBTS to Covenant?

    Hi all! I'm a super new member. My wife and 2 kids (1 more coming) are currently at Southern Seminary. We've been here 2 years, but I've been at SBTS just 1. My wife thought she might like to do the counseling, but we've recently seen the benefits of a more integrated/reformational counseling...
  26. Shane2336

    Prior Service Seminary Students

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently looking at the M.Div. programs at Covenant Theological Seminary, PRTS, and RTS. All three accept Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits (RTS - Orlando, D.C., and Charlotte). Covenant is by far the most expensive per credit hour. Before I emailed the seminaries with my...
  27. Brett Barron

    Leaving Career for Seminary - Supporting a Family of 5

    I'm wondering if any of you have, or maybe know someone who has, left a full-time career to go to seminary? If so, how did you (or they) do it? I've been in sales for the past 12 years and the sole bread winner for our household of 5. We have 3 children, 10, 8, and 3. For the past year or...
  28. D

    "Earning" a M.Div autodidactically

    Hello, I am currently looking for some type of developed and guided M.Div 'program' to complete autodidactically and self-guided. Is there such a thing developed somewhere in the internet world? Something well done and thought through, and confessionally reformed in aim?My bachelors was...
  29. Mikey

    Is Studying Philosophy Economically Useless?

    G'day Mates. I am 17 years-old and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts Program at a secular university. The program allows students to major in two subjects. I am currently majoring in Philosophy and have yet to confirm my second major (although, I must say, Classical Languages...
  30. P

    Northern Evangelical Seminary

    Hey everyone, My name is Trevor, and I am the President of Northern Evangelical Seminary. We aim to provide a world class, Biblical, and tuition free seminary education to called and capable students. I am here to answer any questions you may have about our seminary. You can also visit...