scottish metrical version

  1. Travis Fentiman

    The History of Scottish Worship: Resources

    It was said of the Scottish reformers that: “The ministers that were took not their pattern from any Kirk in the world, no, not from Geneva itself; but, laying God’s Word before them, made reformation according thereunto…” John Row 1637 History of the Kirk of Scotland, p. 12 The great...
  2. Logan

    1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter: A Review

    Also known as the 1650 Psalter, the Psalms of David in Metre, and the Scottish Metrical Version (SMV). It is widely available both for free online and for sale in various formats (words-only or with music). Some recommended versions are The Comprehensive Psalter, if it can still be found, or The...
  3. Logan

    The Comprehensive Psalter: A Review

    The text of this psalter is of course from the 1650 Scots Metrical Version (SMV) so I won't review the text itself but save that for another time (D.V.). I do not know if it is available for purchase any longer as the catalog appears to be no more. Background I'm sure that Chris...