scottish covenanters

  1. Travis Fentiman

    The History of Scottish Worship: Resources

    It was said of the Scottish reformers that: “The ministers that were took not their pattern from any Kirk in the world, no, not from Geneva itself; but, laying God’s Word before them, made reformation according thereunto…” John Row 1637 History of the Kirk of Scotland, p. 12 The great...
  2. jamessh1990

    J. G. Vos on The Scottish Covenanters reprinted.

    J. G. Vos on The Scottish Covenanters has just been reprinted and is available here;
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Scottish Church History: Resources Available

    Friends, For beginners and scholars alike, here is a massive collection of resources on Scottish Church history, organized by the time period. Apart from researching a dissertation, it will probably have everything you need to answer just about every question you may have about Scottish...
  4. Travis Fentiman

    Writings of Scottish Covenanting and Indulgences

    Friends, As Scottish Church history is the most important strand of Church history, here is a collection of the major defenses of covenanting and literature surrounding the Indulgence controversy during the Era of Persecution (1661-1688). Amongst other things, these writings defend armed civil...
  5. Travis Fentiman

    Resolutioner-Protester Controversy

    The first split in the Church of Scotland was the Resolutioner-Protester controversy in the 1650's. An introduction to the controversy is on the webpage. This sad division brought out interesting theological controversies concerning: civil resistance, passive and active obedience, the unity of...
  6. jamessh1990

    New title on the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland

    Pre-order our new title on the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland; Ministers and Congregations of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1680-2016 By James A. Dickson Blue Banner Productions-2016 d.w. 240pp. ills. RRP £24.95 Special introductory price of £19.95...
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    15% off all online stock

    We are now offering 15% discounts on orders made through our website. All you need to do is review any new book on our site to qualify. The discount can be used towards anything. You will be emailed the discount code once the review has been written.
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    Books by Samuel Rutherford

    We have just issued a new catalogue of second hand & antiquarian Reformed Theological books. Included, amongst others, are few Samuel Rutherford 1st editions, most of which haven't been reprinted. View and download it here;