1. pgwolv

    Does the RPW allow the pastor to read (and expound) a paragraph of the WCF/LBCF as a part of the liturgy?

    I have read the older threads on the RPW and the use of confessions of faith as a part of the liturgy. Many of the comments were aimed at recitation by congregants. Do the arguments change at all if it is only being read (and usually explained) by the pastor? Context: I have found it to be very...
  2. aaronsk

    Corporate Confessions of Sin & RPW

    In reformed churches using a liturgy that includes a corporate reading of a confession of sin, what is the example or command from scripture for this practice? I've done some searching on the board but didn't find anything that clearly addressed it. I am coming from an EP understanding of what...
  3. NaphtaliPress

    Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of John M. Frame ... 2017-01-07

    Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of John M. Frame and R. J. Gore, by Frank J. Smith, Ph.D, D.D. and David C. Lachman, Ph.D. The Confessional Presbyterian journal volume 1 (2005): 116-150.
  4. 2ndViolinist

    The RPW & Public Worship

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the Regulative Principle. From my understanding, it can be summarized in the following statement: only what God explicitly commands is permissible in the public and corporate worship of God on the Lord's Day. If that statement is incomplete or incorrect...
  5. L

    origin of "regulative principle of worship"?

    Hello, Is there anyone who knows the origin of the expression, "regulative principle of worship" ? Everybody speaks of it. Bible is said to teach it, and Calvin talked about it, and Westminster Confession ... and so on. But it is difficult to find who coined the exact expression. Who is...
  6. C

    What does the RPW allow for church furniture and decorations?

    After reading this thread about having a cross in church I wanted to find out what furniture and decorations are allowed during a worship service under the regulative principle. Coming from a non-reformed background and new to the idea of the RPW, here is my working definition of the regulative...