reformation history

  1. Travis Fentiman

    Scottish Church History: Resources Available

    Friends, For beginners and scholars alike, here is a massive collection of resources on Scottish Church history, organized by the time period. Apart from researching a dissertation, it will probably have everything you need to answer just about every question you may have about Scottish...
  2. Y

    Johann von Staupitz

    Rev. Wes Bredenhof does not toot his horn enough. He has an interesting blog that is worth reading. The brief treatment Rev. Bredenhof did of the Augustinian cleric Johann von Staupitz last February is a nice introduction to this important figure who had such a great influence on Dr. Martin...
  3. Pete Williamson

    Reformed Historical Sites in Paris?

    I have the privilege of spending four days with my wife and baby in Paris at the end of the month. Wondering if there were any places of interest having to do with the Reformation/Huguenot history in the city. Don't think we have the time to go to the Calvin museum up in Noyon, unfortunately.
  4. ValiantforTruth

    English Reformation

    I am looking for a good single volume history of the English Reformation for an advanced reading group I am in. Hetherington was a good start, but he was more narrowly concerned with the Westminster Assembly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!