reading lists

  1. Nathan A. Hughes

    Why Are Books Important?

    Books date back many hundreds of years. It is estimated that there have been over 130 million books published. In 2011, 180,000 books were published in the United Kingdom alone. In recent years readers have favoured the e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle over the traditional paperback. In this...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Recommended Reading Lists & Commentaries

    Friends, I have compiled a large collection of recommended, religious, reading lists, bibliographies and other reference materials which I hope will be helpful to both beginner and scholar alike. For one studying an issue, the first thing to do is to find the best available literature that is...
  3. M

    Greatest books for different eras of history

    I am trying to find a list (or lists) of some of the greatest, most influential books related to theology for different eras of history (books that have contributed most to the development of Christian theology, or otherwise impacted it.) Similiar to the Great Books, but focused on theology...