puritan works

  1. Travis Fentiman

    Great News! EEBO Phase 2 & RBO

    Friends, If you have not heard already, Phase 2 of Early English Books Online has just been made publicly available on the net (ahead of schedule); the collection has over 35,000 volumes, including many reformed and puritan works. You may search Phases 1 & 2 here...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    New Puritan Biographies Updated

    Here are a number of Puritan Biographies Updated at APM. They list a bio, picture (if available) and their works, and they link to all the known works of that individual online: Adoniram Byfield (1602-1660) Benjamin Rudyerd (1572–1658) George Morley (1598–1684) Charles Herle (1598–1659) John...