1. Logan

    RPCNA Revision of 1650 Scottish Psalter

    I was working a little bit on my long-term project of the history of the RPCNA psalter and found something I thought was fascinating. In 1882 the RPCNA synod appointed a committee to revise the 1650 Psalter with some verbal corrections and suitable music. This was completed in 1899. The goal...
  2. Jonathan95

    Who Are the "Gods" Referred to in Psalm 82?

    Psalm 82 1 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. 2 How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. 3 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 4 Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the...
  3. Smeagol

    What Psalm (of the 150) do you enjoy singing the most and why?

    Housekeeping: This is not about EP vs. IP This is Devotional Please share and feel free to include the specific Psalter Version as well as any background info as why it pierces your heart so! For me, I am still relatively new to Psalm singing, so I do not know many and I and my family only...
  4. M

    How to refute the paraphrase argument which is against Exclusive Psalmody

    Recently, I began studying about Exclusive Psalmody and I have become inclined towards it. I have found great refutations against popular non-EP arguments. However, there is one argument to which I didn’t find a refutation: “Psalm-singers don’t really sing the Psalms the exact way the Psalm...
  5. brendanchatt

    Can we recite Psalms responsively?

    I think this could go in church order or worship, lmk. This thread was spawned from this post and discussion following between myself, Edward, and Chris (The Old Course). ----- I don't...
  6. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Psalm 46 and 48 by John Calvin

    I posted about this recently but what is exciting about this is that these three sermons have not been republished in any form since 1562. Here they have been updated in spelling and punctuation only and remain remarkably clear and readable. What makes these particular sermons even more special...
  7. brendanchatt

    Sing THIS new song?

    In psalms that say to sing a new song, could the psalmist be referring to the Psalm itself? Before posting, I was able to find a similar point mentioned briefly in a thread, but the poster's main point was another interpretation. This is like the commands to use different instruments, for...
  8. Travis Fentiman

    Psalters Online

    Are you able to sing with David that God's “statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage”? – Ps. 119:54 In order that you may find as rich treasure and grace in singing the Lord’s psalms as David did, we have collected as many psalters online as we could. Previously we had around...
  9. Rom

    iOS and Android 1650 Split Leaf - General Availability.

    Just in time for the Lord's Day! I am pleased to announce the general availability of the 1650 Psalter for iOS. It is a little behind Android right now as Apple takes longer to approve updates - days instead of hours. But if you snag it now you will probably get an update to the app around...
  10. Rom

    [iOS Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter.

    First of all, the response to the Android Beta has been overwhelming! I've gotten many heartfelt messages from people who have had their spiritual lives enhanced by the Android version. Praise God for that. If you already have the Android Beta - get the update on Google Play. There have been...
  11. Rom

    [Android Beta] 1650 Split Leaf Psalter with Tunes.

    Dear Saints of the Puritan Board, There has been a need for a 1650 Digital Split Leaf Psalter for some time now. The project is in Open Beta for Android at the moment. iOS Beta will occur sometime in early February. If you are interested in opting in - see the link below...
  12. Z

    New website full of PSALMS tracks!

    This site has compiled all the Psalms tracks available online from different churches/groups/denominations. You can also like the FB page here: [url] :cheers: enjoy!
  13. Z

    New Website dedicated to EP Music :D

    Just thought I'd let you all know this site had a soft launch today: *Exclusive Psalms Radio - Home They put together all the Psalms tracks in once place. NEEEEAAT! No more hopping over different places to listen to Psalms!:sing:
  14. Poimen

    Exclusive Psalmody and singing Jesus' name

    One common objection against exclusive psalmody is that if we only sing the psalms we will fail to sing the “name that is above every other name” (Philippians 2:9). I believe this objection fails for a number of reasons: 1) Of the supposed hymnic fragments found in the New Testament, only...
  15. P

    Scottish Psalter of 1650 Fully Recorded

    As some of you may know, by the grace of God Project Psalms has now finished recording all 150 Psalms from the Scottish Psalter of 1650, including both versions of 13 of the Psalms. We are now left with the task of Editing/Mixing, Mastering, CD Package Production, and Postage. We estimate...
  16. P

    Why acapella?

    Hey all, This may have been answered in another thread...I'm not sure.:confused: Anyways, I understand the basis for exclusive singing of psalms, but why acapella? I've heard some people argue that instruments lead to emotionalism but I believe that's a weak argument, as some are stirred...
  17. NaphtaliPress

    Matthew Winzer review of Needham re Westminster Assembly & Psamody - free

    Matthew Winzer, “Westminster and Worship Examined: A Review of Nick Needham’s essay on the Westminster Confession of Faith’s teaching concerning the regulative principle, the singing of psalms, and the use of musical instruments in the public worship of God.” CPJ has been peddling this as...
  18. Catechist

    Should the Psalter be the Only Hymnal of the Church?

    I would appreciate any critiques dealing with the substance of this article or please point me to any references to any objective comments that have already dealt with this article directly - if known. Should the Psalter be the Only Hymnal of the Church? Written by Dr Rowland S. Ward...
  19. Catechist

    Psalms Singing comments from Edward Leigh (1602-1671)

    Does anyone know who the "D. Burgess" Edward Leigh is referring to here? ~THE GORDIAN KNOT~: A SERIOUS CALL TO DEFEND THE GOSPEL--by Edward Leigh (1602-1671) When Leigh references D. Burgess on page 629 of the online book which corresponds to page 609 actually of the book itself, I wonder...
  20. Catechist

    Westminster psalm singing omissions in catechism - Why?

    Dear Brothers, I have been discussing this at Deformation or Reformation? I would like to know your thought on this here: All the ordinary duties of worship are listed in WCF Ch 21:5 which include psalm singing. The only duty not listed here is prayer, which is a special duty that...
  21. J

    Contemporary Music To The Psalms

    Hi all. If you are interested in God's word sung straight from the Bible, (The Psalms) with contemporary music arrangements, please check out Ministry of Psalms. It is a ministry I have with the aim to get Christians to rediscover the joy and benifit of singing the Psalms, as they appear...
  22. J

    Unrestricted Psalms Before Unaccompanied Psalms

    Hi all. This is my first post; good to be here, (posting from Geelong, Australia). Long story short: After coming out of the Pentecostal/Charasmatic church, I joined an exclusice psalms (e.p) church, where I was told the reasons for singing unaccompanied psalms. I thought it sounded nice...
  23. RoderickE

    Psalm Player: All the Psalms in one place

    When Christians come together, song is often the result be it in congregational worship of God or in small fellowships. Christianity has a rich heritage of giving the world inspiring hymns. Another perhaps almost forgotten Christian heritage is exclusive psalmody, or the singing only of the...
  24. T

    Why does the PCA read lots of psalms and only sing hymns?

    Maybe it's just my limited experience visiting/attending 4 different PCAs, but why do PCA churches seem to never sing psalms but use tons of them for responsive readings and other components of the liturgy. Is there any logical reason for this or is it a "we do it because that's how we do it"...
  25. T

    Non-metrized musical setting of the Psalms?

    I'm looking for a musical setting of the psalms that uses the literal text rather than a metrized version. The sort of thing I'm thinking of would probably be less geared toward worship (so strictly speaking this may be the wrong forum) and more intended as a private memorization aid. I'm...
  26. A

    Geoffrey Grogan on the Psalms

    I ordered a copy of Geoffrey Grogan's commentary on the Psalms (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary). Anyone else read it? Contents Preface Important Advice to the Reader Abbreviations INTRODUCTION The Familiar and Yet Unfamiliar World of the Psalms Textual Criticism Sense...
  27. A

    Gordon Wenham on the Psalms

  28. A

    M’Cheyne on Ps. cxxx. 7-8