1. RobertPGH1981

    David Chilton - Days of Vengeance

    Hello All, I saw some posts regarding this book dating as far back as 2008 but nothing earlier. Does anybody have a knowledge of this commentary or where I can pick up a reasonably priced copy? Any other recommended commentaries on the end times?
  2. M

    Postmillenialism: An Eschatology of Hope

    I just finished reading Keith A. Mathison's Postmillenialism He is a partial preterist in his interpretations. I am starting to read currently Alexander McLeod's Lectures Upon the Principal Prophecies of the Revelation who is a historicist in his interpretation. Mathison is amillennial in his...
  3. Parker234

    Lets Make a List of amillennial/Preterist Authors and Preachers...?

    I am reading a book by Craig R. Koester entitled Revelation and the End of All Things, which is an amil/preterist commentary on the book of Revelation. I'm not finished with it yet, but it has been a profoundly helpful book, since I lean towards that millenial view. What other authors and...
  4. RoderickE

    Onus Probandi & Hyperpreterism

    Hyperpreterist teacher and "leader" Sam Frost said on Feb 8, 2010: The context for this quote, before I'm accused of taking it out of context, is Frost arguing with his follow hyperpreterist, Norm Voss. Voss is advocating that historic Christianity is so messed up, that hyperpreterists...
  5. RoderickE

    Types of Preterists Reviewed

    It is difficult to categorize something that is in constant flux, but since many people wonder how many types (factions and sub-factions) of preterists there are and how each developed, I will attempt to categorize the types of preterists -- with source documentation of course. I hope to offer...
  6. RoderickE

    Fake Hyperpret 'Pastor' Finally Defrocked

    First, let us define the word "defrock" (see also laicize). A frock is/was a gown or robe worn by the clergy, thus to "defrock" them is to remove their status as a minister. Another question would be, who has the power to do such a thing and for what reasons. Historically, ministers have been...