1. S

    Do any Presbyterian Churches still Require Ministers to Know Latin

    The Form of Presbyterian Church Government set at the Westminster Assembly, in it's Directory for the Ordination of Ministers, says: Do any of the Presbyterian Churches or Seminaries still have this or a similar requirement? Perhaps some of the more conservative ones that still hold the Form...
  2. Shadow Forge

    The Apostles and Prophets: Secretaries of the Holy Ghost

    Orthodox Christians all affirm that every word of Scripture has been completely inspired by God (i.e. Verbal Plenary Inspiration). However, there are divergent views on the mode of its inspiration and the role that the human authors played in the writing of Scripture. The organic view of...
  3. Shadow Forge


    Dr. Samuel Miller, Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government at Princeton Seminary wrote confidently in 1835 “Presbyterians do not observe Holy Days.” 1 Yet some 164 years after the book in which Miller made that bold declaration was published, an informal survey of 30 churches...
  4. S

    Presbyterian Polity Answers: The Nature of the Meeting of the Jerusalem Church in which the First Deacons were Ordained

    Acts 6:1-7: Hello brethren, I have a question on scriptural Presbyterian polity. In the above passage, it seems the apostles called "the multitude of the disciples" to nominate the first deacons. What is this multitude? Is this a way to elect deacons, or the only right way to go about it...
  5. S

    Free Church of Scotland Missions in Galilee

    I have heard scattered references to missions of the Free Church of Scotland in Tiberias and perhaps other locations (they seemed to have purchased the properties of the English missionaries in Safed), as well as something at some point relating to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland being...
  6. Travis Fentiman

    Do you need permission to leave a church?

    With the rise of an emphasis on the local church, membership and the authority of elders, some have concluded that a church member needs permission from the elders to leave a church. This was the teaching of congregationalism in contrast to presbyterianism during the puritan era. This new page...
  7. J.L. Allen

    Dead Presbyterians

    Has anyone else signed up for the Dead Presbyterian Society? I just signed up this week. Students get $20 off, but otherwise, it's $49.99 a year. Log College Press has a lot of free resources, but I think it's well worth it to get a DPS membership. They're adding more features to it and...
  8. Daniel Silva Mendanha

    How valid is an ordination according to Reformed doctrine? Is there an "apostolic succession" of laying on of hands through elders?

    I don't speak english very well. So forgive me if something is not understandable. My question concerns the practice of ordination in Presbyterian and Reformed churches. As I understand it, ordinations with the laying on of hands by other presbyters, previously ordained, are only valid. In...
  9. F

    Presbyterian & Reformed Authors

    I have always been told to look at authors not just from my tradition (Presbyterian/Reformed), but also from other traditions within Christianity. As such, I have come to understand and appreciate much of John Piper, even though there are many things with which I would be in disagreement with...
  10. RobertPGH1981

    PCA vs RP vs OPC Differences

    Hello All, This has probably been asked before but I wasn't able to find details through searches. Can somebody provide a brief overview of the differences between PCA, RP and OPC presbyterian churches?
  11. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Main Points of Church Government and Discipline by Christopher Love (1618-1651)

    The Main Points of Church Government and Discipline by Christopher Love (1618-1651) Love's Question 13 on tithing in support of the church and minister is worth the whole study by itself. But, the whole work is very profitable and helpful in a number of ways. Christopher Love (1618-1651)...
  12. J.L. Allen

    Decatur, Alabama. Decatur PCA

    Is anyone familiar with Decatur Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Decatur, Alabama? My sister has grown to love the worship typical in the OPC. Will this PCA be similar in the sense of having a traditional worship, or will it be more "contemporary?"
  13. R.G. Sassard


    Hey Guys. I just started getting deep into reformed theology a few years back (or really just theology in general) and I am reformed baptist as of now. Of course, I have learned much from reformed Presbyterian theologians and others such as Anglican as well. I love the things they have to say...
  14. J.L. Allen

    It’s Official!

    My wife and I are going to be seeking full membership at Westminster OPC near by. After reading John Murray’s “Christian Baptism” she’s fully adopted covenant theology. This has been a year long journey for both of us, but we’ve arrived. Here’s a prayer request: Please pray for us as we tell...
  15. C. Matthew McMahon

    New Puritan Bio - Stephen Egerton (1555-1621)

    Stephen Egerton may have had the first Presbyterian church in England as noted by Thomas Brooks. I just initially finished the first draft of his only available work and will be posting it later in March as it is finalized.
  16. Andrew35


    Hi, I'll possibly be moving to Singapore next year and was looking up Presbyterian churches there. There are... a lot. And being relatively new to Presbyterianism, I wasn't sure how to tease out which is which. I see a goodly number are Exclusive Psalmody, which we are not (our family loves...
  17. R

    Confessional Church in Jacksonville, Fl...

    Moving to Jacksonville, Fl folks. Will y'all please give me some ideas on churches? I can google(and have) but there are plenty for me to choose from over there. I can live anywhere in the area so my first beacon of where to live is where I attend church. I just thought y'all might be able to...
  18. Travis Fentiman

    Rutherford's Due Right of Presbyteries: Subject Index

    What is the definitive work in Church history arguing and delineating classic presbyterianism? Samuel Rutherford’s The Due Right of Presbyteries. Rutherford answers every detailed point of ecclesiology (things about the Church) that you ever thought of, and many, many more. The problem...
  19. P

    Book Suggestions About Presbyterian Church Government

    I hope this is the right thread for a question of this nature. I am a Reformed Baptist in a theololgical journey toward Presbyterianism. I am strongly questioning my Reformed Baptist views of Church Government and Baptism. I've read the book Who Runs the Church? Four Views on Church...
  20. jamessh1990

    New title on the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland

    Pre-order our new title on the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland; Ministers and Congregations of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1680-2016 By James A. Dickson Blue Banner Productions-2016 d.w. 240pp. ills. RRP £24.95 Special introductory price of £19.95...
  21. S

    General Equity and RP Denomination Interpretation

    Hello, all. Does anyone know if any RP denomination has dissent toward John Calvin's interpretation of general equity? More specifically, do any disagree with his interpretation of proving a case with witnesses? Here's what my denomination's literature states: "The accused cannot be...
  22. Ryft

    Heretical versus unorthodox: Confessional or not?

    NOTICE: On the advice of another member, I am splitting my questions up (Smart 2012) into three separate posts, allowing "folks to more easily focus the discussion on one point" (Lindsay 2012, par. 2). This is the first of three posts; the other two are "Heretical v. unorthodox: What is heresy?"...
  23. Ryft

    Heretical versus unorthodox: Does heretic mean non-Christian?

    NOTICE: On the advice of another member, I am splitting my questions up (Smart 2012) into three separate posts, allowing "folks to more easily focus the discussion on one point" (Lindsay 2012, par. 2). This is the second of three posts; the other two are "Heretical v. unorthodox: What is...
  24. Ryft

    Heretical versus unorthodox: What is heresy?

    NOTICE: On the advice of another member, I am splitting my questions up (Smart 2012) into three separate posts, allowing "folks to more easily focus the discussion on one point" (Lindsay 2012, par. 2). This is the first of three posts; the other two are "Heretical v. unorthodox: Does heretic...
  25. Ryft

    Heretical versus unorthodox

    (I am not sure that I have placed this in the correct forum here at PuritanBoard. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate forum if this is not the correct one.) I present the following questions for the sincere and thoughtful consideration of Presbyterian members here—although it is open...
  26. Pilgrim

    A Presbyterian and a Reformed Baptist discuss baptism
  27. Josiah

    The Presbyterian Guardian (1935-1979) now available online

    I am happy to report that they have finally all of the old Presbyterian Guardian magazine issues available on the OPC website. Praise be to God for such a good resource and great history and wisdom from our fathers in the faith. enjoy :D
  28. S

    Presbyterian Polity - James Bannerman

    I've got an essay question: "Evaluate the arguments which James Bannerman advances in support of the government of the church by presbyteries." Could anyone give any pointers on this? I've started reading Part IV of "The Church of Christ" by Bannerman which seems to be on church government...
  29. A

    Essential Reading in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition

    What is essential Reading in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition? :think: