1. R

    Preaching as Prophecy?

    I have just read William Perkins' The Art of Prophesying and it has again led me to consider the validity of equating prophecy with preaching. Perkins defines prophecy as "A solemn public utterance by the prophet, related to the worship of God and the salvation of our neighbours." He cites 1...
  2. J

    Should a pastor end on time?

    I am curious what everyone's thoughts are on whether or not a pastor should be punctual. I've know pastors who purposefully don't set a time that a service ends so that can go as long as they need to. And I've also know pastors who publicly apologize for going ten minutes late. I probably lean...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: Robert Norton (Publisher from 1639-1662) Intros "Being with Jesus" by C. Matthew McMahon

    FOR SOME REASON THE LINKS WON'T ALL WORK. NOT SURE WHY. I PASTED THEM IN. Being with Jesus by C. Matthew McMahon - What does it truly mean to be “with” someone? Simple in concept, but when it comes to our...
  4. SkylerGerald

    Thoughts on Piper's Expository Exultation philosophy?

    I've recently read some of Piper's Expository Exultation and listened to some lectures where he discusses this philosophy of preaching. He defines preaching (expository exultation) as: Do you find this to be a fitting definition/do you aim for this yourself in preaching?
  5. Anthony DeNicola

    Has the gospel been preached to whole world already ?

    In Matthew 24:14 it says that the gospel will be preached to the whole world and than the world will come. But in two places in Colossians , Paul’s words seem to strongly indicate the world has already been evangelized. In Col 1:5-6 he says , “…which you heard before in the word of the truth...
  6. F

    Preaching vs. Bible Study

    As I've been reading my Bible more carefully and reading some of the reformed confessions and catechisms, preaching of the word stands out a lot! In the Heidelberg Catechism: And In Westminster Standards: And (WSC) And when reading the Heidelblog it said: And That is an incredibly high...
  7. Blood-Bought Pilgrim

    What is your Sermon Prep Process?

    Hi All, There were a couple of older threads, but it seemed like there was space for a new one on this topic. As an intern, I get to preach with a little regularity, so I'm starting to develop something of a regular process for preparing. I've been thinking about this more intentionally lately...
  8. RobertPGH1981

    Sermon by Romesh Prakashpalan at RPTS 10/20/2021

    Hello All, Wanted to post this since it was such a powerful sermon he gave on Luke 14:15-23. It covers church missions and outreach. He is an RPTS graduate and is a Pastor of a church in Texas. Great person to have in your sermon audio archives too.
  9. E

    Is Pastor Douglas Wilson a Pastor?

    No, this thread ain´t really about wheter Wilson was duly ordained to the ministry. Yet, while scrolling through my twittter feed yesterday, I saw some pretty heavy acusations against the guy. Among other very serious stuff the Vice Magazine acused him and his community of doing, some...
  10. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: A Watchman Over Christ's Church by McMahon

    A Watchman Over Christ’s Church by C. Matthew McMahon (105 pages) The watchman’s life is a life of consecration; a life on the wall dividing the world and church, to watch and take heed, to sound the alarm, and bring God’s message to his people boldly, faithfully and plainly. The watchman acts...
  11. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW PURITAN COMPILATION: A Biblical Guide to Hearing and Studying the Word

    A Biblical Guide to Hearing and Studying the Word by Nathaniel Ranew (1602-1678), John Philips (1585-1663), Henry Smith (1560-1601), Richard Greenham (1531-1594), William Ames (1576-1633), Thomas Senior (n.d.), David Clarkson (1622-1686), Daniel Burgess (1645-1713), Thomas Manton (1620-1677) and...
  12. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: The Five Principles of the Gospel by C. Matthew McMahon

    The Five Principles of the Gospel by C. Matthew McMahon We may hear preachers say, "believe the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved!" Is the "simple Gospel" contained only in that single short phrase? If we speak that kind of short phrase to an indigenous native of some foreign country...
  13. Jonathco

    The brightest days of the church have been those when preaching has been honored - Ryle

    JC Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Matthew
  14. C. Matthew McMahon

    A Special Book for the New Year by Matthew Mead (1630-1699)

    Remembering Your Creator by Matthew Mead (Meade) (1630-1699) Matthew Mead (Meade) (1630-1699) was an independent puritan divine, and popular reformed preacher and morning lecturer at Stepney Church (London). In this work, Mead sets down the sincere choosing of God which should result in...
  15. Jonathan95

    Topical Preaching

    Hello! Blessed Lord's Day to you all! What are your thoughts when it comes to churches where the primary form of preaching is topical? I'm currently attending a church that is like this. It's all good stuff mind you. The topics seem to focus in on God's character, how we are sinners in need of...
  16. SolusChristus1646

    Imperatives and Indicatives in Preaching

    I've been noticing lately that in Presbyterian circles, even online, it's very difficult to find a Presbyterian preacher who has a good balance of preaching indicatives and imperatives. The preaching is usually indicative heavy, and is usually careful to point the listener to Christ, but lacks...
  17. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christopher Love's Last Unpublished and Rare Work - Now Available

    The Christian’s Duty and Safety in Evil Times by Christopher Love (1618-1651) "Love is without a doubt, one of my favorites writers of all time. Eminently biblical and exceedingly practical. This new work is a gem in both regards." - Dr. McMahon Christopher Love (1618-1651) was a fiery and...
  18. C. Matthew McMahon

    How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621)

    How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621) Have you ever taken time to learn what it means to hear the word of God preached with profit, and to understand what ought to be done before, during and after the sermon? Stephen Egerton (1555–1621) was an...
  19. C. Matthew McMahon

    New Puritan Bio - Stephen Egerton (1555-1621)

    Stephen Egerton may have had the first Presbyterian church in England as noted by Thomas Brooks. I just initially finished the first draft of his only available work and will be posting it later in March as it is finalized.
  20. Jonathan95

    Chip Ingram has been invited to preach at this Sunday's service.

    I am very unfamiliar with this man (Chip Ingram), never heard his name before. My church seems very excited to have him. Just wanted to know if any of you had thoughts on the man's preaching and teaching. He has many books although none that I've read.
  21. C. Matthew McMahon

    Partial Reformation is a Full Offense to God

    I thought it would be helpful to those that have time to listen to bring this particular sermon out a bit more than simply listing it in the other thread. It concerns the state of the evangelical church and its mirror to the church in Hosea 7:8. Partial Reformation is a Full Offense to God...
  22. T. E. Rickard

    Pastors; First Sermon Series

    Pastors, What was the first sermon series you preached when you began full-time ministry? What would you preach now if you could do it again?
  23. C

    Do you listen to other sermons on same text before preaching?

    Hello, I am very new to preaching and I'm still exploring what works best for me when it comes to preparing for a sermon. I was wondering if anyone here listens to sermons from the same texts that they are working on prior to preaching (I mean after you're finished with your manuscript). Does...
  24. C. Matthew McMahon

    A New Modernized Version of Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs

    This classic work by Burroughs deals with the Regulative Principle: God alone determines the manner in which sinners approach him. This is a life-transforming and Christ-glorifying biblical work. Gospel Worship, or, The Right Manner of Sanctifying the name of God in General, in Hearing the...
  25. T

    Who May Read the Scriptures in Public Worship?

    (I apologize if this has been asked. The search function does not seem to be working on either my PC or my smartphone.) Q. 156. Is the Word of God to be read by all? A. Although all are not permitted to read the Word publicly to the congregation... (Deut. 31:9,11-13; Neh. 8:2-3, 9:2-5) Q. 158...
  26. C. Matthew McMahon

    Iron Sharpens Iron - Hearing the Word Preached

    Just a note to those who might be able to tune in... FREE BOOKS Giveaway *TODAY*, FEB. 22nd, 4-6PM *ET* our guest on "IRON SHARPENS IRON" Radio will be: DR. C. MATTHEW McMAHON, founder of A Puritan's Mind who will address: "The LORD's VOICE Cries to the City: A Biblical Guide For HEARING the...
  27. C. Matthew McMahon

    Expository or Experimental Preaching and Revival

    I'm updating Gospel Worship by Burroughs (lots of requests for that). One of the things that is hitting me (again, having read this quite a few times), is twofold: 1. That unless we worship God as God requires, we don't worship God, and we have never sanctified his name. (This thought should...
  28. C. Matthew McMahon

    Being Able to Do Our Duty in Worship in the Hearing of the Word

    I'm working on a book by John Jackson (1600-1648), dealing with conducting one's self in public worship. I personally preached through a series called "The Lord's Voice Cries to the City" which surrounded how the congregation should consider the act of preaching from their perspective. I'm also...
  29. TylerRay

    Preaching Across Cultures - Decontextualization

    Hello all, I am doing a project for a communications class on preaching across cultures. My basic idea is that in order to communicate effectively and efficiently to people of any culture (or to a diverse audience) is to decontextualize the sermon, stick to the text, and stick to the doctrine...
  30. brendanchatt

    Today sermons

    Hi, My pastor just started Amos. He gave the sense of how the beginning might read to the original audience, going from excitement to sobriety because the Lord's judgment included the Jews, because of their own injustice. He pointed us to Christ for salvation, having offered remarks on the...