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    Historicist Postmillennialism and the "when" of the millennium

    I am postmillennial and interested in historicism. I have come across a few historicists who date set the timing of the millennium and the end, I believe by estimating the fall of the papacy based on the 1260 day-years of the little horn. The problem is those I read date the millennium to around...
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    Postmillennialism and the Law

    I very much lean toward a postmillennial view of eschatology, however I just can't swallow the theonomic or Covenanter views of the law and its place in the millennium. I hold to the usual Reformed view of the threefold division of the law, with only the moral law being binding. I also...
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    Postmillennialism and the seed of the serpent

    Hello, I have what I would call a "tentative" postmillennial view of eschatology. I line up a lot with Ken Gentry. But one thing I came across lately was the seed of the woman and of the serpent in Genesis 3:15. The particular commentary I was reading argued that the term seed has both...
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    Kenneth Gentry's "Revelation Commentary"?

    I have been studying the millennial views and have found Kenneth Gentry's Preterist Postmillennialism very compelling. I see in several places that he talks about writing an extensive commentary on Revelation but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what the status of that is? Is he still...
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    Postmillenialism: An Eschatology of Hope

    I just finished reading Keith A. Mathison's Postmillenialism He is a partial preterist in his interpretations. I am starting to read currently Alexander McLeod's Lectures Upon the Principal Prophecies of the Revelation who is a historicist in his interpretation. Mathison is amillennial in his...