1. T

    NKJV Departures from the TR

    I have read several articles online that claim the NKJV departs from the TR (or at least doesn't translate it) in X amount of places. Many folks claim to have a list of such places, yet I've never seen one. Does anyone have or know of a list where I can see these places where the NKJV is said to...
  2. B.L.

    Mark Ward - "Evaluation of the Work of Charles Surrett on the NKJV"

    Being a recent convert to the NKJV I've taken an interest in reading critiques/reviews of the translation when I stumble on them and I noticed Mark Ward (author of Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible) posted an article yesterday engaging the work of Charles Surrett (Ambassador...
  3. B.L.

    NKJV Comfort Print Single-Column Reference Bible (Premier Collection)

    Greetings Friends, Tonight I opened my anniversary present early and received a new Bible from my wife. It's an absolutely stunning NKJV Comfort Print Single-Column Reference Bible (Premier Collection) published by Thomas Nelson in brown goatskin leather. Christianbook was running an incredible...
  4. T

    counsel on which Bible translation to use

    Hello brothers, I'd like to ask counsel for a dilemma I'll be facing soon in regards to what Bible translation to use regularly (I use a few for study, but like to stick to one for daily reading and memorization). First, here is some background: Since I became a Christian in 2000 I...
  5. M

    a TR ESV with "missing" verses restored. Thoughts?

    I recently got a copy of a Gideons New Testament, and was surprised to find that it was an ESV with verses such as Matthew 17:21, Acts 8:37, etc. restored to the text. Apparently this is a special printing done just for the Gideons. However, I got to thinking....how would people in general...