1. Regi Addictissimus

    First Council of Nicaea

    *Can a moderator fix the title. My phone was acting up while posting this. "First Council of Nicaea"* "Archaeologists exploring a lake in Turkey have discovered a 1,700-year-old Christian church that may have been the location of the landmark Council of Nicaea, which was held in 325 B.C. and...
  2. speric

    Reformed News: Sensus Divinitatis News

    Just wanted to announce that Sensus Divinitatis News is officially out of beta, and signups are open. We've added some new profile functionality (see the example at Sensus Divinitatis News - User profile: nwbingham), and we'll be rolling out some more social features in the coming weeks...
  3. speric

    Any interested in beta-testing a Reformed news site?

    As part of my work with Sensus Divinitatis Publishing, I am creating a Reformed theology/philosophy/culture news site, akin to Reddit or Hacker News: (beta) - Reformed theology, philosophy, evangelism, and church planting news If anyone is interested in beta-testing...