new covenant

  1. RobertPGH1981

    Old Testament era Baptism

    Hello All, So forgive my ignorance here but Baptism isn't a topic I researched much from an OT perspective. I was trying to understand the significance of the baptisms that took place by John since they were still under the Old Covenant practices. It is understood that the covenant sign of...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Primitive Baptism by Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708)

    Primitive Baptism and Therein Infant’s and Parent’s Rights by Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708) Matthew Sylvester (1636–1708) was a nonconformist divine, a meek and spirited Reformed preacher, and scholarly linguist. This wonderful work by Matthew Sylvester is an exegetical triumph of proper...
  3. Von

    Parties in the New Covenant.

    This might be one of those stupid questions... Is the New Covenant made with Christ and we partake of it because we are IN Him? OR Is the New Covenant made with the church (invisible) and Christ is the mediatior? OR Both of the above.
  4. Krak3n

    Hebrews 8 and the difference between the OT and NT.

    I've noticed in some other discussions dealing with the relationship between the Covenants, specifically regarding the validity of baptizing households, that often the question arises as to how the saints in the Old Covenant were dealt with by God. Let me be as transparent as possible. I was...
  5. Panegyric

    'Membership,' and covenant breaking

    Especially between Presbyterians & Baptists, the unbreakableness of the New Covenant has been much controverted as a possible way of resolving the debate over subjects of baptism (see this thread for instance). The unbreakableness of the New Covenant is usually deduced from Jeremiah 31:32 (cf...
  6. mshingler

    Eph. 2:12 and "covenants of promise"

    In Eph. 2:12, Paul states that Gentiles were formerly "strangers to the covenants of promise." Does this refer to how the OT covenants promised and looked forward to the coming of Christ, which is now fulfilled, or does it mean covenants that promised, by grace, all the blessings of the Covenant...
  7. R

    Restoration and Post-Exilic Covenant

    This weekend I heard it taught that the predictions of great glory, blessing, and prosperity following the Restoration from Babylonian Exile went essentially unfulfilled, that the post-Exilic period was one of overwhelming spiritual failure and disappointment in Israel. This really took me by...
  8. C

    Unbelievers in New Covenant using Hebrews 10 and other verses

    I am studying paedobaptism right now (and currently coming from a credobaptist perspective) and watched a video discussing paedobaptism by Richard Pratt. He mentioned unbelievers being in the new covenant and used Hebrews 10 (v 28-31 I believe) to support this view. I know that the...