1. blvck2gold

    Producing Music

    Greetings fellow pilgrims, I was wondering, and wanted to get some well rounded reformed advice on the subject of music. Specifically on the subject of producing it, instrumentals that is. Would it be okay for a Christian to produce instrumentals as a means of income? The reason I ask this...
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    A Hymn I Composed

    Here is a hymn I composed over a month ago in celebration of the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation. Hope you all like it!
  3. M

    Puritans and secular music

    1. What was the understanding and position of the puritans regarding secular music? 2. Does anyone have recommendations of puritan books on this issue?
  4. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Contemporary vs Puritan worship: Washer's warning

    Paul Washer - Worship Music can be Dangerous - YouTube Brother Paul Washer on the dangers of contemporary worship. 1:50 minutes long. For those of you who were interested in his views on the RPW / EP, he expresses it at around 0:40. :) I would rather a puritan worship that looks and sounds...
  5. T

    Looking for recommendations: Christian music CDs

    I imagine that one's taste in Christian music varies considerably, but I'm looking for your top recommendations for Christian music CDs. I'd prefer something majestic, beautiful, and Scriptural (e.g. Handel's Messiah would be a great example), but I'm willing to consider what had deeply...
  6. Cifrado

    Trance music and Scripture meditation

    Before I got saved I was a heavy user of psychedelic drugs, and used to indulge in trance music. Today, being a born again Christian, I no longer use drugs of coarse; however I still enjoy a good piece of trance music. While many people use this type of music to induce euphoria (on drugs). I...
  7. J

    Contemporary Music To The Psalms

    Hi all. If you are interested in God's word sung straight from the Bible, (The Psalms) with contemporary music arrangements, please check out Ministry of Psalms. It is a ministry I have with the aim to get Christians to rediscover the joy and benifit of singing the Psalms, as they appear...
  8. J

    Unrestricted Psalms Before Unaccompanied Psalms

    Hi all. This is my first post; good to be here, (posting from Geelong, Australia). Long story short: After coming out of the Pentecostal/Charasmatic church, I joined an exclusice psalms (e.p) church, where I was told the reasons for singing unaccompanied psalms. I thought it sounded nice...
  9. jason d

    download FREE EP w/ hymns & modern worship

    Click here to download this EP from Austin City Life Church. (listen to some samples at their MySpace). Songs are as follows: 1. In Your Name (original) 2. What Wondrous Love Is This (redone hymn) 3. Fullness Of God (original) 4. Community Song (original) 5. Lord, Have Mercy...
  10. Laura

    "As he promised to our forefathers"

    YouTube - Bach - Magnificat - 11 - Sicut locutus est Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, Abraham et semini eius in saecula. The mezzo-soprano's voice gives me chills (it's Argentinian-Slovakian Bernarda Fink, whom I had never heard of before), and the tenor (Ian Bostridge) is simply the...
  11. jbotkin

    Good Hymns on Election

    Does anyone know any good hymns on election? The only one I've seen is Josiah Conder's My Lord I Did Not Choose You. Surely there are more!? Thanks for the help!
  12. T

    reformed rap?

    so, what do you think of guys taking reformed theology and rapping about it? the rapper i am talking about is shai linne. i just came across him, to my surprise the lyrics are very biblical. so, is that ok? here is a link to my blog where you can hear a song if you like