marrow controversy

  1. Von

    Maurice Roberts and the Marrow Controversy

    I have great respect for Rev. Maurice Roberts. His "Thought of God" has meant A LOT to me over the years. A thread from last year got me to listen to this lecture by Roberts on Gurnall's Christian in Complete Armour. At the end of the lecture, he said something to the effect that you cannot be...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    The Marrow Controversy

    The Marrow Controversy in early-1700’s Scotland hinged on the the warrant of the free offer of the Gospel displaying God’s grace and good-will to gospel-hearers. Mature your understanding of the Christian faith in looking into this important and intriguing historical controversy. The webpage...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Scottish Church History: Resources Available

    Friends, For beginners and scholars alike, here is a massive collection of resources on Scottish Church history, organized by the time period. Apart from researching a dissertation, it will probably have everything you need to answer just about every question you may have about Scottish...