1. SinnerSavedByChrist

    THOMAS MANTON Vol 6 $10 at - Good deal?

    Dear brethren, Came across this last week. Volume 6 has some sermons on psalm 119. Just letting you guys know of a good deal in case anyone wanted to taste Manton before diving into buying more of him. (I haven't tasted Manton yet, but have heard much good things said). Going to grab myself a...
  2. dannyhyde

    Lectures on Thomas Manton's "The Temptation of Christ"

    Last night I began lecturing through Manton's sermons on the temptation of Christ. The first lecture is historical and biographical, and is entitled, "Who Was Thomas Manton?" Details here.
  3. dannyhyde

    Interview with Dr. Derek Cooper on Thomas Manton

    I have posted an online interview I did with Dr. Derek Cooper on the seventeenth-century Puritan, Thomas Manton over at Meet the Puritans. Dr. Cooper has written the only PhD thesis on Manton and has a popular introduction to Manton coming out in 2011 with P&R. An Interview with Dr. Derek...