1. joep

    Princeton Seminary and the PCUSA After Machen

    Hey everyone! I have just finished Stonehouse's biography of Machen. In some ways it was quite a tragic book with all that went on and how the conservative party were defeated in their efforts to preserve the Reformed faith in Princeton Seminary and the PCUSA. I was wondering about what...
  2. Josiah

    The Presbyterian Guardian (1935-1979) now available online

    I am happy to report that they have finally all of the old Presbyterian Guardian magazine issues available on the OPC website. Praise be to God for such a good resource and great history and wisdom from our fathers in the faith. enjoy :D
  3. johnbugay

    Machen puts Hahn and Benedict into perspective

    With its "Biblical Scholarship" over the last 100 years, Rome has dug itself into a huge hole, from which it is only now scrambling to extract itself. Hahn's work on Benedict's "Biblical Theology" is an exercise in hyperbole, among other things, designed to keep the reader thinking that Rome is...