1. J

    Moral dilemmas and Christian choice

    I've been thinking a lot about moral dilemmas and the Christian response in certain circumstances. I believe there are true moral dilemmas for a Christian, though many situations posited as moral dilemmas are not. One example of a moral dilemma (in my mind) involves 5 people tied to one fork...
  2. nick

    Pretending vs Lying: Is there a difference?

    Is pretending that something is real the same as lying? Does the age of the person and timeline of when the "truth" is revealed play a part? What about motives?
  3. johnbugay

    Rome's Institutionally Sanctioned Lying

    I've used the "L" word with respect to Roman Catholics, on more than one occasion. And generally speaking, these charges have been dismissed as baseless or uncharitable. In our day, the history of that institution has been largely forgotten, or whitewashed. But the casuistry (argumentation...