1. RobertPGH1981

    Two Kingdoms Doctrine

    Hello All, I have been seeing increased discussions on two kingdoms doctrine and I am not so familiar with its concepts. I came to the conclusion that its linked to Augustines book "The City of God" and most articles credit it to Luther. Apparently Abraham Kuyper came up with a different view...
  2. S

    Are Calvinists Augustinian?
  3. N

    Question About Luther

    I was listening to a thing earlier from a site I have shared before on this forum. The guy, Jim, said that Luther still prayed to Mary and would have remained a Catholic had the RCs done away with selling indulgences. Has anyone here studied Luther extensively? Is this the case? Did Luther...
  4. Haeralis

    How Aristotle's "Ethics" Helped to Cause the Reformation

    This helpful academic journal article from Dr. Ronald N. Frost delineates the role played by Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics in fostering the medieval scholasticism that the Protestant Reformers sought to replace with a purer Augustinian theology. Crucial topics explored within Aristotle’s...
  5. Pete Williamson

    Luther and the Jews

    It seems inevitable these days that any mention of Luther results in someone pointing out, "Yeah, but what about his anti-Semitism?" I've done some reading around - primarily on the internet - and I still can't shake the feeling that Luther's views aren't being fairly represented or understood...
  6. py3ak

    The true knowledge of God

    Preaching from John 16:3, Martin Luther observes: The true knowledge of God and of Christ has often been defined. It is not an idle, empty thought or dream, as reason is able to think of God and Christ on the basis of hearsay, and as it pictures Him and acts toward Him according to such...
  7. sojourner

    Reformation Movies Suggestion

    Hello 'y all! Do you have any good Reformation movies to suggest? I have seen the latest Luther film, yesterday I have the documentary movie of Luther's wife Katharina, I have seen Wycliffe movie, Pilgrim's Progress, Amazing Grace movie - slavery, and the Amazing Grace: History of...
  8. K

    Luther & Icons

    How did Luther feel about icons? From what I understand, he was far more sympathetic than his reforming friends and I'm curious as to what was different.
  9. johnbugay

    Ratzinger's Misunderstanding of the Reformation

    I'm still working my way through Scott Hahn's book. My contention had been that Michael Horton was correct to direct people to interact with Ratzinger/Benedict's theology, but wrong to recommend a work like Hahn's, given that Hahn would not only provide a summary of Ratzinger/Benedict, but would...