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  1. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: Practical Observations on the Lord’s Supper by C. Matthew McMahon

    Practical Observations on the Lord’s Supper by C. Matthew McMahon “Practical Observations on the Lord’s Supper” offers an in-depth exploration into the significant spiritual act of participating in the Lord’s Supper, going beyond mere ritual to reveal a deep, spiritual communion with Christ...
  2. R

    Reformed View of the Supper in the Early Church?

    I love church history, and I also love seeing my beliefs being affirmed by the church fathers. I know the early church almost universally believed in the real presence of Christ, was this belief similar to the Reformed view of real presence? Are there any good quotes from the early centuries...
  3. S

    "Spiritual Presence" and the Sacramentology of George Gillespie in English Popish Ceremonies

    I am reading a section of George Gillespie's English Popish Ceremonies online, and he says several times that Christ is neither bodily, nor spiritually present under the bread and wine. What is the kind of spiritual presence he is referring to? I have heard many refer to the Calvinist view as...
  4. PointyHaired Calvinist

    What do you use in church for “the bread”?

    What bread does your church use for the Supper?
  5. PointyHaired Calvinist

    What do you use in church?

    I’m curious to see what everyone uses in church here!
  6. Travis Fentiman

    May We Change the Sacraments in Necessity?

    In extra-ordinary circumstances where a sacrament may not be performed in the exact way that Christ prescribed, ought a church to forego the sacrament (or that part of it) or ought principled accommodations be made which keep the essential, spiritual principles of the sacrament? In the...
  7. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW: Attending the Lord’s Table by Henry Tozer (1602-1650)

    Attending the Lord’s Table by Henry Tozer (1602-1650) Henry Tozer (1602-1650) was a noted theologian, and puritan preacher of the Gospel. He was invited to sit on the Westminster Assembly, but declined in order to preach regularly to the king at Oxford. When Christians participate in the...
  8. Logan

    The Lord's Supper and those who abstained from wine

    I've had some thoughts "fermenting" in my brain for a while and wanted to see if there was any additional thoughts or wisdom to be gleaned from the community and it has to do with those in Scripture who abstained from wine and how they may have dealt with the Lord's Supper, even though Scripture...
  9. ChrisJuloya

    Lord's Supper: Can it be done and administered by and between members?

    I came (but currently going through the inquirer's class of a reformed church) from a non-denominational church who just started a consistent celebration of the Lord's Supper early last year. The church also encourages a celebration of the Lord's Supper between members administered or...
  10. Regi Addictissimus

    Question on the Lord's Supper

    Good day, brethren. I was recently asked if I've ever come across in my studies on whether the elements of the Lord's Supper can be administered outside of the church, by the church government, in cases of illnesses and when an individual is bedridden. I have searched my Systematic Theology...
  11. Travis Fentiman

    Communion Tokens: Resources Available

    Communion tokens (paper or metal) were used by the reformers and puritans of old for the elders to confirm that persons coming to Christ in the Supper had made adequate preparation thereunto (1 Cor. 11:27-32; 2 Cor. 13:5; etc.) in the sight of the Church. Resources on this indifferent, though...
  12. C. Matthew McMahon

    True Worship and the Consequences of Idolatry by John Knox (1505-1572)

    If God alone determines the manner in which sinners approach him, is any other kind of worship acceptable to Him other than what he has prescribed? True Worship and the Consequences of Idolatry – by John Knox (1505-1572). John Knox (1505-1572) was a Scottish Reformer and fiery preacher of...
  13. C. Matthew McMahon

    A New Modernized Version of Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs

    This classic work by Burroughs deals with the Regulative Principle: God alone determines the manner in which sinners approach him. This is a life-transforming and Christ-glorifying biblical work. Gospel Worship, or, The Right Manner of Sanctifying the name of God in General, in Hearing the...
  14. Haeralis

    Development of the Popish Priesthood in the Early Church?

    It seems to me that the biblical evidence against the institution of any "priesthood" is enormous. The very idea harkens back to the Old Covenant, in which time the people of God needed mediators to communicate with Him. We know from the book of Hebrews, however, that the Old Covenant has found...
  15. C. Matthew McMahon

    Are you culpable of Blood-guiltiness in the Lord's Supper?

    In worship, quite a few aspects should concern the worshipper. In Gospel Worship, Burroughs is hammering home the idea that God must be regarded as holy to those who draw near to him in worship (worship of every kind). In the Lord's Supper this is especially true. From Sermon 11 - Consider...
  16. R

    Good Friday/Easter/Lord's Supper Dilemma

    Parallel to this thread but I don't want to hijack it. Here is my dilemma: My church is having a "Good Friday" service in which they are serving the Lord's Supper. I will not be in attendance. We are regularly served the Lord's Supper on the first Lord's Day of every month. Without making...
  17. rrfranks

    Is Church Membership Really Necessary?

    Last Sunday as our congregation was preparing to partake of the Lord's Supper I was fencing the table and as I normally do I mentioned that the table is open to all who profess faith in Christ and are communing members in good standing in an evangelical church. After the service one of our...
  18. KMBorg

    Scott Hahn: Understanding the Eucharist

    I've been a member here for five years but am finally coming out of the woodwork to post a question. I'm a pastor (well, pastor-elect) in Winchester, KS and have been making connections with some near-by communities. One of the communities has a strong RC presence and they're aggressive...
  19. L

    Guilty of the body and blood?

    I am working through some thoughts on the Lord's Supper. I keep stumbling over this phrase in 1 Corinthians 11:27 "Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord." The nagging question for me is...
  20. Grillsy

    Theological error concering the Lord's Supper.

    I have read many odd opinions written about Communion/Lord's Supper. But I have recently come across someone who claims the Lord's Supper is not a church Sacrament with bread and wine so much as it is an actual meal. I mean literally. What constitutes the institution of the Lord's Supper is an...
  21. S

    Communion to Non-Christians

    Ok, throughout Church history, people have taken this verse: As a commandment that a person must be aware of forgiveness of sins and the cross and coming in a spirit of repentance in order to receive the Lord's Supper. As such churches throughout the years have barred non-Christians and even...
  22. MamaArcher

    PaedoCommunion: Can Someone Give me a Sound Explanation?

    I am not brand new to the Reformed Faith but am definitely not seasoned yet. :D My wording may be elementary here...but... Can someone explain to me why when speaking of covenantal continuance (??) circumcision is replaced by baptism and Passover by the Lord's Supper BUT only baptism...
  23. R

    The Lord's Supper: Frequency or Intensity?

    Our church has practiced weekly communion for years. I believe we see this as the example of the apostolic church, but not a requirement. However, there are many things we see in the NT by way of example (the love feast, selling possessions and having all things in common, etc.) that are not...