1. T

    Webster's Bible (1833)

    Does anyone have any experience with "Webster's Bible" (published in 1833)? I have become increasingly interested in the man Noah Webster—Founding Father, legislator, lexicographer, and thoroughgoing Calvinist. I am particularly interested in the very light revision he did to the "Common...
  2. R

    The New Testament in the Marketplace

    James Snapp Jr has done a lot of good work in the field of NT TC but sadly he is dismissed by many because he doesn't have "Dr." in front of his name. Below is an excerpt from one of his blogs based on his course on NT TC that you can watch on youtube. I also attached the full transcript to the...
  3. B.L.

    New Bible: KJV Thompson Chain in Black Water Buffalo

    Morning, In God's goodness to me I celebrated another year of life earlier this month and to mark the occasion I purchased a new Bible from Church Bible Publishers (CBP) using the gift cards family sent. I don't have much need for another Bible, but I couldn't resist after listening to my...
  4. J.L. Allen

    Kept Pure in All Ages

    Is anyone on here going to this conference? Going or not, what are your thoughts on the subject matter? https://www.keptpure.com/
  5. C. Matthew McMahon

    Maybe the Best Bible I've Ever Owned

    I bought a Schuyler KJV Canterbury Bible. Brown, Goatskin, made better than "extremely well." No ghosting through the pages, with references at the bottom of the page. The font is a perfect size for me. The drop caps are decorative, and the color of the ink is easy on the eyes. The pages are...
  6. tdh86

    Question for KJV onlyists...

    So...I know I posted about KJV updates recently and, please don't think it's a hobby-horse, but I've got a question that's been niggling since my last thread... Will there ever be any point at which KJV-onlyists would acknowledge that the language of the KJV can be legitimately updated? I ask...
  7. U

    Requesting basic manuscript information

    As some may know from other threads I have started, I am currently trying to find my way through the wilderness that is Bible versions and their underlying manuscripts. I have been reading past discussions on this topic, of which there is no shortage, but I am no closer to a personal conviction...
  8. jandrusk

    Geneva Bible & KJV

    According to Geneva Bible - The Bible that Changed the World they say, "Recognizing that the Geneva Bible and its notes were undermining the authority of the monarchy, King James I of England commissioned the "Authorized Version," commonly known as the King James Bible, as its replacement. The...
  9. Augusta

    KJB movie marking the 400 yr anniversary of the KJV of the bible.

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this movie. I don't know if it is supposed to be released in theaters since it is available on AmazonUK. YouTube - KJB - the Book that Changed the World
  10. I

    KJV only

    Hi guys, I'm hoping this is a correct area to place a thread like this, but first before I go any further, forgive me if this is just me being Naive but this being a reformed board, I am hoping that there are some KJV-only folks kicking around? I'm not going to bring up much about the missing...
  11. The Deeps

    Who has made a switch from the KJV to another translation?

    Who has made a switch from the KJV to another translation? What was the result? What version did you switch to? What was your purpose in switching? I come from a KJV only background. I know all the arguments and i have been down every avenue I am not interested in arguing over...