1. T

    Best Syncing Cross-Platform E-Book Reader

    I have a growing library of ebooks that are not in Logos. I have a Windows laptop and do a lot of my reading on it, for which I love Calibre. I also read on my Apple devices. However, my issue is that I have never found an ebook reader that syncs (highlights, bookmarks, notes, etc.) across all...
  2. Logan

    Kindle - To Those Who Profane The Lord's Day

    This is a new release of Matthew Henry's pastoral, yet convicting treatise for those who do not keep the Lord's Day and for those who imagine they do. Unabridged and lightly edited by Jon Norman (for ease of reading). His introduction: Kindle link
  3. Logan

    Kindle - Meekness and Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry

    Matthew Henry (1662--1714) first published this excellent book in 1699. Henry himself said "That temper of mind, which meekness endeavors to promote, and to charm men into, every one will own to be highly conducive to the comfort of human life, the honor of our holy religion, and the welfare and...
  4. Logan

    Kindle - Keep It Holy! A Tract on the Sabbath by JC Ryle, Foreword by Daniel Ritchie

    Also posted about recently, this is one of the best short treatments on the Sabbath that I can recommend. Daniel Ritchie (Reformed Covenanter on the boards) recommended it and was kind enough to write a foreword for this edition. Kindle link Nook link Kobo link
  5. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Psalm 46 and 48 by John Calvin

    I posted about this recently but what is exciting about this is that these three sermons have not been republished in any form since 1562. Here they have been updated in spelling and punctuation only and remain remarkably clear and readable. What makes these particular sermons even more special...
  6. Logan

    Kindle - The Fear of God by John Bunyan

    Our first edition was in 2015. Bunyan's classic work on "The Fear of God" has remained the primary treatment on this important subject for hundreds of years. It is something I had not thought much about before reading. Kindle link Nook link Kobo link
  7. Logan

    Kindle - Holiness by JC Ryle, foreword by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones

    Ryle's book on Holiness is a classic work that made a large impact on my life as a young college student. Ryle is always warm and applicable. First edition published by myself was in 2014, and has been recently updated to maintain consistency of formatting and navigation. Highly recommended for...
  8. Logan

    Kindle - Sermons on Titus by Calvin

    Starting with the Banner of Truth facsimile of the 16th century edition of seventeen sermons, this edition was completely typed up, spelling standardized, and proofed, by my wife and myself in 2014. It was the first truly new version of these sermons since 1574. It has largely been superseded by...
  9. Logan

    Kindle - Westminster Standards

    I first published this in 2012 but it has been recently re-worked to make it easier to navigate and more consistent in formatting. Contents: To the Christian Reader Mr Thomas Manton's Epistle to the Reader The Confession of Faith The Shorter Catechism The Larger Catechism Sum of Saving...
  10. B

    NIV Application Commentary Series on Sale on Kindle

    For any of the Kindle users out there Zondervan has each of the NIVAC volumes for sale on Kindle at $4.99 apiece. I put them altogether in one place and listed those that are more highly recommended here: Kindle Book Deals: NIV Application Commentary Series | The Cross Quoter
  11. C

    Send to Kindle/Transfer mobi to kindle

    Hello, There have been several posts with free ebooks for download. The problem for kindle readers is that that are not the kind that are automatically synced to the kindle, which is a big hassle for some us. I recently discovered the Send to Kindle app which allows you to link the app to...
  12. CuriousNdenver

    Any Recommendations for FREE Kindle Books?

    I just got a Kindle and would like to load it with good reading material, starting with the FREE books. Do you have any recommendations or good places to find limited time free Kindle books? :book2:
  13. CuriousNdenver

    Which Kindle to Buy?

    My eyes are suffering from reading so much on my laptop screen that I am considering purchasing a Kindle. I would use this primarily for reading, but need the capacity to take notes. I am looking at the $79 Kindle but do not like the non-QWERTY virtual keyboard layout. The other options...
  14. Dwimble

    "Money, Possessions, and Eternity" free on Kindle till Christmas Eve

    This book by Randy Alcorn is free for the Kindle until Christmas Eve: I can't recommend it highly enough. It is a thorough study of what the scriptures have to say about money and possessions, and about what our view...
  15. Parker234

    Lots of Free Homemade Puritan Books for the Kindle

    Since last January when I purchased a Kindle, I've been hard at work creating e-books of classic Puritan writers that work on my Kindle. I found them for free on different websites and cobbled them together into readable e-Books for the Amazon Kindle. Recently, I started posting them to...
  16. C

    Who got a Kindle for Christmas

    or a Pagan holiday co-opted by the Roman Catholic church? I did! Pretty sweet? For those who have a Kindle, what accessories do you recommend? I don't really care to personalize my Kindle, but things like covers, reading lights, etc. that you would recommend would be appreciated.
  17. D

    What is the Gospel? (Kindle ed.) by Greg Gilbert is currently free

    The Kindle edition of What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert is currently free. I haven't read it yet, but it seems to have some good endorsements from people like Albert Mohler and Joshua Harris. On Earth as It Is in Heaven: How the Lord's Prayer Teaches Us to Pray More Effectively by Warren...