1. Travis Fentiman

    Reformed Polemical Theologies Online

    One of the most popular generas of reformed scholasticism was Polemical Theology, which is Scriptural theology that is organized around refuting false doctrines and religions. The brilliance of the light is often most clearly seen in contrast to the darkness of error. Little is it known that...
  2. M

    Messianic Judaism's objection to the Trinity

    I just watched a video of a Messianic Jewish rabbi, in Brazil, arguing against the doctrine of the Trinity. He says, among other arguments: “The Spirit of God is not a distinct entity, such as is affirmed by Trinitarians, because he himself is the Holy Spirit”. With such affirmation, he denied...
  3. Von

    Do the Jews believe in hell?

    I was talking with a guy, who considers himself jewish (parents from Israel and they adhere to judaism). As far as I can establish, he is not very active in his faith, although he does fast on the Day of Atonement, try to live a good life, etc. When I raised the issue of hell, he said that...
  4. M

    Messianic Judaism and deity of Jesus Christ

    Someone in my family no longer believes Jesus Christ is God because of their recent belief of Messianic Judaism. According to my family member, Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and is the Son of God, but isn't God. Well, I believe there are different variations of Messianic Jews, but the Messianic...
  5. Classical Presbyterian

    3,000 Year Old Jewish Community Now Gone

    Yemen has lost the last Jews of that ancient community: Yemen's last Jews set to flee for US, Israel | Jewish News | Jerusalem Post Sad news for the world I think. How many other historic communities are being extirpated by militant Islam?
  6. Eoghan

    Digging up Hebrew Roots - is this the faith once delivered?

    I would have liked more details. That said looking for meat in 40 pages was perhaps too optamistic. It provides a summary of five different types of groups (p33, 34) which appear to represent five stages in the spiritual journey of some (p37) from Christianity to Orthodox (circumcised)...