jehovah's witnesses

  1. pgwolv

    JWs and the speaker in Rev 22

    Hi all I am going to be speaking to a JW soon and am busy preparing. I am going through the various passages in the Bible where e.g., the same attributes are used to describe Jehovah and Christ. I read the following thread:
  2. Von

    Advice on JW apologetics.

    I am meeting a Jehova's Witness this coming Sunday. The reason for our meeting is explicitly evangelistic in nature (I suppose from both sides...). Any advice? Specific points to watch out for / to focus on? I know there are good JW apologetic books out there (I've read one or two before), but...
  3. Haeralis

    Christians visiting churches which preach a false gospel?

    I was recently engaged in a discussion with a nice Christian woman who is participating in an "ecumenical Sunday" event here at the Institute where I am a Fellow. The Roman Catholics will be going to Protestant services and the Protestants will be going to Popish Masses. I explained my...