1. Rob Marsh

    Suggestions for learning hymns for a musical novice

    Hey everyone, We use the Trinity hymnal for our family worship at night, and although we know the melody of many of these hymns already, I'm curious to find some resources to listen to some of these hymns during the day to learn some of the more obscure hymns we aren't necessarily familiar...
  2. RevZach

    Hymns that Combine Majestic music with Theological Truth

    I've been trolling through the archives, looking for a thread like this. If I'm missing it, please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, here's my question: what song best combines Majestic worship (i.e. artistic lyrics, compelling melody, sounds amazing on a pipe organ, etc.) with...
  3. jbotkin

    Good Hymns on Election

    Does anyone know any good hymns on election? The only one I've seen is Josiah Conder's My Lord I Did Not Choose You. Surely there are more!? Thanks for the help!
  4. T

    Why does the PCA read lots of psalms and only sing hymns?

    Maybe it's just my limited experience visiting/attending 4 different PCAs, but why do PCA churches seem to never sing psalms but use tons of them for responsive readings and other components of the liturgy. Is there any logical reason for this or is it a "we do it because that's how we do it"...