1. Von

    Adultery and homosexuality in the moral law

    Since adultery is transgression of the moral law, would the stoning of the adulterer also be considered part of the moral law? Does this also apply to homosexuality?
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    Is same sex attraction a sin?

    I understand very well and accept the fact that homosexual acts are a sin, and that marriage is between one man and one woman only wherein sexual relations are only appropriate. But I wanted some opinions on same sex attraction itself. Is it a sin to experience same sex attraction? Can a genuine...
  3. RBachman

    Can Particular Sinners be Rightly Considered a Community for Evangelism?

    My denomination (PCA) has a ministry that posted a subpage describing the LGBT as a Community. On said site I could not find the word 'sin' anywhere, nor any language to that effect. Rather it is viewed as a community, a people-group. And the links and nonsense on it go right along with what the...
  4. kevin.carroll

    Another GA, Another Overture

    At the PCA's 36th General Assembly last year, Overture 9, the overture to erect a study group regarding deaconesses, occupied a good deal of time. While the Assembly answered the oveture in the negative, a new Overture 9 promises to spark some lively debate again this year. While the PC(USA)...
  5. N

    Rom 1:18-32: Paul and Homosexuality

    I’ve just posted an article called, "Examining Romans 1:18-32: Paul's View of Homosexuality." Outline of Paper: Overview of Romans 1:18-23 Relevance of 1:18-32 in Romans Relevance of vv. 18-23 to vv. 24-32 A Closer Look at Romans 1:18-23 The Progression of Evil in Rom 1:18-23 and...