1. johnbugay

    Ratzinger's Misunderstanding of the Reformation

    I'm still working my way through Scott Hahn's book. My contention had been that Michael Horton was correct to direct people to interact with Ratzinger/Benedict's theology, but wrong to recommend a work like Hahn's, given that Hahn would not only provide a summary of Ratzinger/Benedict, but would...
  2. johnbugay

    Machen puts Hahn and Benedict into perspective

    With its "Biblical Scholarship" over the last 100 years, Rome has dug itself into a huge hole, from which it is only now scrambling to extract itself. Hahn's work on Benedict's "Biblical Theology" is an exercise in hyperbole, among other things, designed to keep the reader thinking that Rome is...
  3. johnbugay

    Initial impressions of Scott Hahn work on Ratzinger

    There's a thread here that's garnered some 2000 views, about a disagreement between two of the theologians that I most admire in this world. There is no end to the admiration that I have for these men, and I pray that they are able to resolve what I would consider to be a not unimportant, but...
  4. johnbugay

    Michael Horton endorses Scott Hahn book on Pope Benedict

    The only reason that I can think of for his doing this is maybe to earn some "legitimacy" with Catholics when (and if) he decides to engage this work. I believe that is a dangerous course to follow, given that recent history is ladened with the dead (or zombified) bodies of Protestants who...