1. G

    Does Paul use gender accurate language in 2nd Corinthians?

    Full disclosure, I am an english-only speaking lay-person with access to a Strong’s concordance. In other words, the most dangerous kind of theologian. That is why I am reaching out here. There are a number of covenant verses that refer to a father and son(s) relationship with God. My...
  2. Mikey

    Reformed Theological Education in Australia

    Hi All! A couple weeks ago, I created a thread regarding academic theological education. You guys were so helpful, I though I'd throw a couple other questions into the ring. I am currently enrolled with Reformed Theological College (RTC). Even though they've been awesome thus far, I am...
  3. Caleb Hickerson

    Talmud and "6 Genders"

    Hello everyone, I'm finishing up my Masters in Social Work and naturally my classes, professors, and cohort are all vocal in support of the sexual revolution (LGBT+ issues). Today, I was faced with the argument that religious (i.e. Christian) non-support of transgenderism is inconsistent...