free church of scotland

  1. Travis Fentiman


    Friends, One of the great forces of downgrade in American Presbyterianism has been the erosion of the Church's adherence to her constitutional documents and maneuvers to change the very constitution of the church which the officers had previously sworn to uphold. Hence, I have made a webpage...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Scottish Church History: Resources Available

    Friends, For beginners and scholars alike, here is a massive collection of resources on Scottish Church history, organized by the time period. Apart from researching a dissertation, it will probably have everything you need to answer just about every question you may have about Scottish...
  3. Logan

    Sing Psalms: A Review

    This will be more of first impressions than a review and I will try to add more information later as I look deeper into the translation. The entirety of the text is available in PDF or Word format from here. And I really appreciate them making it available for people to use freely. It is...