1. S

    Free Church of Scotland Missions in Galilee

    I have heard scattered references to missions of the Free Church of Scotland in Tiberias and perhaps other locations (they seemed to have purchased the properties of the English missionaries in Safed), as well as something at some point relating to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland being...
  2. S

    On Evangelists and Elders in Prrsbyterian polity

    But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. (I Timothy 4:5) And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers. (Ephesians 4:11) What is an Evangelist? Was Timothy an...
  3. J.L. Allen

    Missions Conference

    Folks, Mid-America Reformed Seminary's Center for Missions and Evangelism is hosting a conference in October. Please consider attending and spreading the word around to your churches, friends, and family.
  4. F

    Evangelism/Witnessing: Love to God or Love to Neighbour?

    Recently I've been growing in my conviction that the 10 commandments are indeed binding and the summary of the moral law (the dominant theological views around me are not this). As I've been coming to this it's left me wondering about how telling others about Jesus, as laity, relates to the...
  5. T

    Street Preaching Help

    Does anyone know of a helpful guide to street preaching, or might anyone here offer substantial guidance (beyond the obvious)? An opportunity has arisen for me to do some of this type of ministry with our church, but I am inexperienced. I’m looking for something along the lines of a method.
  6. Mathias321

    Appropriate and Inappropriate

    I have a Reformed friend from church who travels to Chicago every Saturday to engage in evangelism. However, I was not particularly happy with what I saw when I went with him. As we were moving to a different destination inside a subway train, he used his megaphone and began to preach repentance...
  7. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: The Five Principles of the Gospel by C. Matthew McMahon

    The Five Principles of the Gospel by C. Matthew McMahon We may hear preachers say, "believe the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved!" Is the "simple Gospel" contained only in that single short phrase? If we speak that kind of short phrase to an indigenous native of some foreign country...
  8. A

    Necessity of conscious faith/outward calling & Acts 17:30

    The following statements in the 1689 LBCF (& WCF) struck me as contradictory, and along with the further questions I had about Acts 17:30, I'm hoping for some help. 10:3 (WCF 10:3) - "Elect infants dying in infancy are regenerated and saved by Christ through the Spirit; who works when, and...
  9. AlexanderPetzinger

    Who amongst us is an evangelist?

    Dear Believer in Christ: When I applied to post here on PuritanBoard earlier this year, I was asked if I held any office in the Reformed Church that I attend here in Yuba City, CA. The choices were: Pastor/Teaching Elder Ruling Elder Deacon Doctor (don't know what this is referring to)...
  10. J.L. Allen

    Books on Evangelism?

    My friend is seeking a good book on evangelism. Any recommendations?
  11. RBachman

    Can Particular Sinners be Rightly Considered a Community for Evangelism?

    My denomination (PCA) has a ministry that posted a subpage describing the LGBT as a Community. On said site I could not find the word 'sin' anywhere, nor any language to that effect. Rather it is viewed as a community, a people-group. And the links and nonsense on it go right along with what the...
  12. Mathias321

    A.W Pink on Modern Evangelism

    I came across this article and read the whole thing. At the beginning I thought Pink argued a very good point about the shortcomings of evangelical evangelism, but after reading further I came across some things I haven't really heard before and to be honest kind of confused me. I believe some...
  13. ChananBachiyr

    A Reformed Gospel Tract

    I searched through this forum for a while the other day and saw several posts on reformed tracts that were closed. CovenantalBaptist, on a post from 2008 said "Why not make your own?!" Just so happens, that's exactly what I was in the midst of doing for our church. So I wanted to make a...
  14. M

    Christian books for Buddhists

    I have colleagues who are Theravada Buddhists, although I don't think they are serious practitioners. Anyway, I want to give them a Christian/Reformed book that emphasizes the person of Jesus Christ and salvation from sin. I also plan on evangelizing them, so I would appreciated bibliographic...
  15. Damon Rambo

    New Documentary: Babies are Murdered Here!

    Hello, all. Not sure if you have heard about the new documentary, 'Babies are Murdered Here' put out by Crown Rights Media (same people who did "How to Answer the Fool"). It is extremely powerful, and is Gospel centered...hence, I believe it has the chance to profoundly affect the Church, and...
  16. Damon Rambo

    Evangelism Campaign

    Hello! As many of you know, our church has been doing little videos to bring attention to various Bible-related issues. It has been going fairly well. With our latest video, we are trying to get something bigger going; a nationwide push to evangelize our leaders, and call them to repentance...
  17. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Scriptural Commands to pray for ALL the lost vs just the elect

    Dear brethren, I have been wrestling with this issue for a while: namely that of praying for unbelievers. Please help me!! Please use the Scriptures with exegesis in reference to soteriological considerations of the Doctrines of Grace. (pray for unbelievers... but only the elect will be saved...
  18. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Paul Washer on Biblical Evangelism: What are your thoughts?

    What are your thoughts after watching this video? Love to hear them I have been convicted of a LOT of sin in my manner and attitude towards evangelism. The Biblical Gospel & Evangelism - Paul Washer - YouTube From 38 minutes onwards there brother Paul speaks some cutting words on street...
  19. C

    Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing

    No, I don't think that. That's ridiculous. That's what the writer suggests here: My Take: Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs His point seems to be that we can make "a disciple of Jesus" without having them convert to Christianity. He obviously...
  20. Sviata Nich

    Powerful North Korean Student Testimony

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KEFbo2tJ_8]‪Powerful North Korean Student Testimony // The 3rd Lausanne Congress CapeTown South Africa 2010‬‏ :applause: Talk about God's pursuit of his people.
  21. C

    Phil Johnson on Open-Air Preaching

    The topic has come up on Puritan Board now and then about whether open-air preaching is appropriate/helpful. Phil Johnson has a post on this that I appreciated. I hope some of you do too. Pyromaniacs: Street-Preaching
  22. tellville

    How many of you attend churches that are primarily growing through evangelism?

    I am just curious: How many of you attend churches that are primarily growing through evangelism? But first, what I am not looking for: I don't mean necessarily just getting people in the pews or baptisms. I also don't mean getting new members from other churches (sheep stealing) which...
  23. Mrs. Bailey

    Is the Great Commission only to Apostles?

    (This thought is in line with chaplinintraining's question on evangelism... but a little different, so I bring it up here, so as not to sidetrack that thread.) I've been involved in various evangelistic outreaches and mission trips for much of my adult life (some before our family was in the...
  24. Grillsy

    To the Jew first?

    What does Paul mean when he says that he went "to the Jews first"? Should we be following this principal as well?
  25. Walkthecalling

    Evangelism resources

    Greetings! :detective:I wanted to post something to see if anyone had some feedback. My wife and I were looking for some reference materials on different religious groups. I.E. mormons, jehovah's witnesses, catholics, Arabian & Eastern religions. We want something with both some information on...