1. B.L.

    Is the ESV "Side B"? - OPC's Ordained Servant Online (Mar, 2020)

    Greetings all, Given the popularity of the English Standard Version (ESV) here on PB, as evidenced by the recent poll on which Bible translation everyone is using in 2020, I thought this article would be of interest to everyone. The article is titled "Is The ESV “Side B”? The Problematic...
  2. David Taylor

    ESV With Creeds and Confessions

    Crossway was nice enough to send me a review copy of their new ESV with Creeds and Confessions. As one who is a part of the reformed camp, creeds and confessions are a very big part of my daily Christian life. So it goes without saying that I was extremely excited when Crossway announced this...
  3. Ed Walsh

    Fortune, Chance, Luck, etc., in Christian Speech and the ESV

    fortune definition: bad luck, or an unlucky event: and other external, arbitrary forces affecting human affairs. Webster's Dictionary 1828 - Online Edition (1 of 8 meanings) 1. Properly, chance; accident; luck; the arrival of something in a sudden or unexpected manner. Hence the heathens...
  4. B

    Opinions on the ESV Study Bible?

    Greetings, I was considering purchasing an ESV Study Bible as a birthday gift and was curious to learn people's thoughts on the included study notes. I'm not concerned about views on the translation itself just the included commentary and study aids. Thanks in advance to any informed opinions...
  5. T

    counsel on which Bible translation to use

    Hello brothers, I'd like to ask counsel for a dilemma I'll be facing soon in regards to what Bible translation to use regularly (I use a few for study, but like to stick to one for daily reading and memorization). First, here is some background: Since I became a Christian in 2000 I...
  6. U

    Requesting basic manuscript information

    As some may know from other threads I have started, I am currently trying to find my way through the wilderness that is Bible versions and their underlying manuscripts. I have been reading past discussions on this topic, of which there is no shortage, but I am no closer to a personal conviction...
  7. M

    a TR ESV with "missing" verses restored. Thoughts?

    I recently got a copy of a Gideons New Testament, and was surprised to find that it was an ESV with verses such as Matthew 17:21, Acts 8:37, etc. restored to the text. Apparently this is a special printing done just for the Gideons. However, I got to would people in general...
  8. Jash Comstock

    Opinions on the ESV Study Bible.

    I am considering investing in an ESV Study Bible. I am not a big study bible fan, but this one looks like it may be useful. I would appreciate some opinions on this. What are some pros and cons about the ESV Study Bible?
  9. Berean

    ESV Reformation Study Bible (2nd Edition) - Genuine Leather

    OK Janis, I'll ask again (bless you). :D For the owners of the ESV Reformation Study Bible (2nd Edition) - from P & R Publishing (Ligonier) I need your input. I’m considering purchasing one of these but apparently there have been changes between 2005 and now. Later versions say they now...
  10. The Deeps

    Who has made a switch from the KJV to another translation?

    Who has made a switch from the KJV to another translation? What was the result? What version did you switch to? What was your purpose in switching? I come from a KJV only background. I know all the arguments and i have been down every avenue I am not interested in arguing over...