1. M

    What is the 2300 days of Daniel. Daniel 8:14.

    Hi. I have been bewildered by the 2300 days of Daniel in Daniel 10:14. Commentators are divided with vague answers given as either historical to Antiochus or a short time in the future for the antichrist. I don't agree with this because i take the amillennial interpretation of the 70 weeks and...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Online Resources on the Beatific Vision

    What will it be like to see God? (Mt. 5:8) This is the end and fruit of the Christian life, forever. Taste heaven with these newly collected resources from the best of reformed literature (which are not otherwise easy to come by): On the Beatific Vision - ReformedBooksOnline “As for me, I...
  3. TryingToLearn

    The Salvation of Jews & Armageddon from an Amillennial Perspective

    For months now, I've been trying to form a theology of the salvation of the Jewish people from an amillennial perspective. I would agree with pretty much all of Beale's commentary on Revelation, so I hope that helps give perspective to where I'm coming from. However, I cannot seem to figure out...
  4. Jonathan95

    Interpretation of Matthew 24:34

    Mt 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Does it follow that this text also means: 'This generation will pass once these things are fulfilled'? I ask because after I read through this chapter I found myself noticing that this verse...
  5. R

    WCF Chapter XXXIII

    I heard it said that the WCF doesn't take a definite stance on a millennial view, but if we read the chapter about the Final Judgment, it becomes clear the writers of the confession were certain of the fact that on the Day Christ returns in the clouds of heaven, that is the Day when He judges...
  6. R

    The Error and Danger of Premillenialism

    Perhaps many Christians don't give it much thought, but the more I study the subject of eschatology, the more I see the effects the teaching of premillenialism has had on the evangelical, non-reformed church. It seems to have gained some ground in reformed churches too. I believe that Reformed...
  7. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

    What is necessary truth in relationship to the Gospel? Byfield explains what central truths surround the Gospel in an easy to understand format. Great for family worship! Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) (250 pages) Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) was a...
  8. Von

    The Seven Churches Ages.

    I know about William Branham's "seven church ages" (in other words that the seven churches of Revelation 2,3 are church ages rather than local congregations or representative of congregations). I also know that Branham's theology is not exactly considered mainstream. Question: Does the idea of...
  9. Broadus

    What is the purpose of the millennium according to historic premillennialism

    Like many who post on the Puritan Board, I cut my theological teeth on dispensation premillennialism after coming to Christ, with my "dispensational years" being from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. The "liberals" had spiritualized the Bible into meaningless, and the "conservatives" whom I...
  10. mrhartley85

    Postmill and infant baptism

    I’m new to Westminster Federalism, but is postmillenialism related to the idea that the elect are usually and providentially born into believing families? In other words, does the fact that covenant children and the promises to them tie into the idea of postmillenial eschatology?
  11. RefPres1647

    Rebuttals to Dispensational Prophecy Interpretations

    Hi brothers/sisters! So I am the only person in my family (and even my wife's family) who is Reformed and they are all dispensational and premillenialists (pre-trib). Fun dinners. So I know my views are absolutely against dispensational premillenialism since I believe we have always been once...
  12. Carl Copsey

    How does Eschatology affect how we live as Christians?

    Do you believe that a specific view of eschatology will affect how the christian lives his or her life? For example, the difference between Dispensationalism and Postmillennialism. If so, why do you think this is so? Considering we all agree on Jesus' return. So eschatology matters, but how...
  13. P

    Historicist Postmillennialism and the "when" of the millennium

    I am postmillennial and interested in historicism. I have come across a few historicists who date set the timing of the millennium and the end, I believe by estimating the fall of the papacy based on the 1260 day-years of the little horn. The problem is those I read date the millennium to around...
  14. P

    Postmillennialism and the Law

    I very much lean toward a postmillennial view of eschatology, however I just can't swallow the theonomic or Covenanter views of the law and its place in the millennium. I hold to the usual Reformed view of the threefold division of the law, with only the moral law being binding. I also...
  15. P

    Postmillennialism and the seed of the serpent

    Hello, I have what I would call a "tentative" postmillennial view of eschatology. I line up a lot with Ken Gentry. But one thing I came across lately was the seed of the woman and of the serpent in Genesis 3:15. The particular commentary I was reading argued that the term seed has both...
  16. Christian Teegardin

    Any Historic Premillennialists on Here?

    I hold to post-tribulation (historic) premillennialism, and do not agree with most Reformed Christians' amillennialism. In all other points of doctrine, we're simpatico, but eschatology is a tough one. I used to be what Reformed folk call a 'Dispensational.' Yes, a dispensationalist. I used to believe...
  17. Christian Teegardin

    Post-Tribulation Chialist, Wanting Biblical Support for Amillennialism

    I am interested in Reformed Amillennial eschatology, and currently hold to dispensationalism, pre-millennialism, and post-tribulation, all together. I hold to Calvinistic soteriology, though. Here is what I want: 1. Biblical arguments for both sides. 2. A debate between the two sides. 3...
  18. Bald_Brother

    Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church

    Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church, by Dr. John Battle The linked document is a history of the development of Eschatology in the Bible Presbyterian Church - not an argument for a particular position. When I first began attending a Bible Presbyterian Church some four plus years ago I...
  19. M

    Reformed Bibliography for ex-Dispensationalists

    Hello brothers and sisters, I created this thread so that you may recommend reformed bibliographic literature (books or articles, old and, preferably, new) on the following subjects and aspects: 1. A work introducing Amillennialism, but, at the same time, refuting dispensational and/or...
  20. David Shedlock

    New Testament Nations in Eschatology

    I see that the nations will be judged in Revelation 19:15, and again in Matthew 25:31-46. That all the nations will come to Christ, as well as kings, in particular, is prophesied throughout the Scriptures in both Old and New Testaments. While there are different views of those verses, I cannot...
  21. C

    Books about amillennialism

    For someone who would like to study amillennialism in more detail, what book(s) would you recommend? I know that Sam Storms has a new book out: Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative. There is also A Case for Amillennialism by Kim Riddlebarger. How do these compare? Are there better books?
  22. ch0zen

    Over-Realized Eschatology

    Hey Guys, I'm beginning to think that the term 'Over-Realized Eschatology' (ie. used to summarize 1Co4:8,15) is a buzz-phrase that gets thrown around alot. I've done a bit of googling / reading and don't feel like I've got a good grip of a) what it means; but more importantly b) what...
  23. K

    A.W. Pink -eschatology- which books to avoid (dispensationalist days)

    I am wondering about Pink and which books might be good reads from a covenantal perspective. I enjoyed some of his stuff, but it seems like his dispensationalist days have some weird ideas. Any help on this would be great. Thanks
  24. Parker234

    Lets Make a List of amillennial/Preterist Authors and Preachers...?

    I am reading a book by Craig R. Koester entitled Revelation and the End of All Things, which is an amil/preterist commentary on the book of Revelation. I'm not finished with it yet, but it has been a profoundly helpful book, since I lean towards that millenial view. What other authors and...
  25. RevZach

    70 x 7 question for serious Amillennials

    I did a search and found a couple of closed threads about Dan 9 and the seventy sevens, but nothing that addressed my specific question... Okay, so most Amills (myself included) view the church age (i.e. the millennium) as being synonymous with the last half-a-seven (a.k.a. 42 months, a.k.a...
  26. RoderickE

    Is Partial-Preterism a Problem?

    I know that what I'm about to say here may be difficult to take, but please bear with me. I AM a former 15-year long hyperpreterist, out of that movement now for 3 years. All glory to God! I also know it has become vogue for some people, even prominent teachers such as Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar...
  27. J

    Is Dispensationalism (John Mcarthur) reason to leave an otherwise sound church?

    I attend a non-denominational church that is John MacArthur East. We have pastor and teachers from his seminary and teach verse by verse through the bible. It wan't until we hit Matthew 24 that the depth of the dispensationalist bent hit me in full. Is this something that I should leave the...
  28. eqdj

    webconference with Drs. Waldron, Riddlebarger, Gaffin & Poythress to discuss biblica

    The Midwest Center for Theological Studies will present a series of lectures (which you’ll be able to join via live streaming) entitled “Then Comes the End: A Course on Biblical Eschatology” by Dr. Sam Waldron (author of MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto and The End Times Made Simple) Thursday...