1. Gwallard

    Official vs. Unofficial church events distiction legitimate

    I operate upon the distinction that there are official church events, and unofficial church events. Official church events are those things which pertain especially to Lord's day worship, because official church events are those things which the officers have been given a charge to serve the...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Reformed Resources on Scandal

    The topic of scandal may seem obscure, until one finds oneself in the midst of dealing with one; scandals, in fact, are all around us. Where does one go for help? Until now there has not been an abundance of reformed resources on the topic. These resources will be especially helpful for...
  3. RobertPGH1981

    Elder Overseer / Deacon and Lay Elder?

    For some quick context and background; I attend a 1689 Baptist church and when thinking of church leadership I think in terms of congregational lead structures. However, I am interested in hearing views from other forms in addition to the one I am in. So when you respond please let me know what...
  4. P

    Elder Qualifications - Agreement with Doctrinal Statement

    A bit of background: Credobaptist church with no current elders other than Senior Pastor. The church teaches that baptism is defined as immersion subsequent to conversion. Elder candidate believes it is proper to baptize infants, but has agreed not to promote his view of infant baptism...
  5. malum in se

    Why don't any of the Dutch Reformed churches have examinations for office bearers?

    Why don't any of the Dutch Reformed churches have examinations for office bearers? It seems like it would be a good thing, is there a reason why we don't?
  6. O

    What minimum age should a ruling elder be?

    What is the minimum age for a ruling elder either official or in your opinion in your denomination? I'm PCA and I have no idea. However, I have heard of some ruling elders I thought might be a little less than elderly....I guess.