1. Holos

    What am I?

    Howdy, I'm curious as to what denomination/camp really fits me best, and I thought there could be some filial wisdom here. The more I know about and read them, I LOVE most puritan writers and thinkers, but not exclusively...I love things about Luther and Calvin (and myriad others of reformed...
  2. Knecht Christi

    Questions About the RPCNA

    Hello everyone, I am considering joining an RPCNA church plant (currently a member in the OPC), and have some questions regarding the state of the denomination. I have got the impression that, outside of exclusive psalmnody and non-instrumentation, the RPCNA seems to be less conservative than...
  3. ChananBachiyr

    HRC & OPC...

    I was hoping y'all could help me identify the differences between the Heritage Reformed Church (HRC) and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). I've done a small amount of study on the HRC, so I have at least some idea of what they're about, and I've been attending an OPC church for a year, so...
  4. P

    Denominations Holding to the Belgic Confession

    I am curious as to what Reformed Denominations hold to the Belgic Confession rather than the Westminster. So far I only know of the Protestant Reformed Churches.
  5. J

    International Denominations?

    Hi all, I couldn't find this question posted on any threads, so I'll ask it here. I'm under care in the PCA and am considering a calling as a missionary. So, I'm wondering if anyone has a list of Confessional Presbyterian denominations in Latin America? Thanks for any responses!
  6. D

    Westminster Presbyterian Church in the United States

    I've heard some controversial stuff about the formation of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in the United States. it seems to have a lot of similarities to the RP (my denomination), but I can't understand why it wouldn't join in with us. I've heard some reports of the formation of the...
  7. D

    What are the NAPARC distinctives

    Can we compile a list of distinctives within NAPARC denominations (and also some of the small micro denominations like RPUS, Westminster Presbyterian... etc.) I'll start with what I know Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America: We believe in the Mediatiorial Kingship of Jesus Christ...