1. M

    Messianic Judaism's objection to the Trinity

    I just watched a video of a Messianic Jewish rabbi, in Brazil, arguing against the doctrine of the Trinity. He says, among other arguments: “The Spirit of God is not a distinct entity, such as is affirmed by Trinitarians, because he himself is the Holy Spirit”. With such affirmation, he denied...
  2. Regi Addictissimus

    First Council of Nicaea

    *Can a moderator fix the title. My phone was acting up while posting this. "First Council of Nicaea"* "Archaeologists exploring a lake in Turkey have discovered a 1,700-year-old Christian church that may have been the location of the landmark Council of Nicaea, which was held in 325 B.C. and...
  3. M

    Your favorite selections on the deity of Jesus Christ

    I made this thread because I would like for the PB community to select your favorite citations/quotes/selections on the subject of the deity of Jesus Christ, especially those written by the puritans and church fathers, and share them here. Please inform the source. Here is one of my...
  4. M

    Messianic Judaism and deity of Jesus Christ

    Someone in my family no longer believes Jesus Christ is God because of their recent belief of Messianic Judaism. According to my family member, Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and is the Son of God, but isn't God. Well, I believe there are different variations of Messianic Jews, but the Messianic...
  5. S

    Showing the Deity of Christ to JW's - Their Visit this A.M

    Just got done spending an hour or so with a few Jehova's Witnesses that came by the house. I do believe the Lord spoke very clearly to them through me and, while they did not repent and believe, they seem like they'll both be bothered or wrestling at least a little bit. I finally had the...