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  1. Travis Fentiman

    Online Works Against the Roman Apologist Bellarmine

    The Jesuit Robert Bellarmine (d. 1621) was the most important apologist in all of Church history for the Romanist Church. Responses to his works numbered into the several hundreds. As Bellarmine's volumes of disputations covered most doctrines of the Christian faith in an orderly way, so full...
  2. P

    Leighton Flowers & Soteriology101

    Has anyone heard of Leighton Flowers his website soteriology101?
  3. C

    Rob Bell Gets Grilled on MSNBC

    The folllowing video has already been posted in another thread ( by Michael, but I didn't want it to get lost in a long thread. Rob Bell gets grilled by an MSNBC reporter about his new book about heaven and hell...