1. Travis Fentiman

    Resources on Church Order & Ordinances

    The Reformation recognized that numerous commands in Scripture were for the good-order of the Church in their given context, and were not absolutely binding, without qualification, on all times and societies. This Scriptural category of 'Church ordinances' was a common-place in Reformation...
  2. Von

    Suicide themes in movies/tv.

    Before you just dismiss this thread with "I haven't watched TV since 1958", I have a theological question. Recently the Netflix series "13 Reasons why" came under fire for glorifying/promoting suicide. A new series (The Politician) on said streaming service also comes with a warning to sufferers...
  3. RobertPGH1981

    Globalization, Cultural Differences and the Gospel

    Hello All, I have been reading a lot of material by Van Til, Sproul and others on apologetics. The main theme that is stated is that all of us presuppose a worldview and that worldview is defined by our culture. I experience this through my job since I have to travel internationally and notice...
  4. C

    Identifying Historical/Cultural Blind Spots

    How does one "get out" of their historical/cultural setting to discover theological blind spots? e.g., I presume everyone on PB would condemn the racial slavery existing in early America. When we look back on Christians who defended the practice, we are aghast. And what about beliefs that...
  5. speric

    Any interested in beta-testing a Reformed news site?

    As part of my work with Sensus Divinitatis Publishing, I am creating a Reformed theology/philosophy/culture news site, akin to Reddit or Hacker News: (beta) - Reformed theology, philosophy, evangelism, and church planting news If anyone is interested in beta-testing...