1. Travis Fentiman

    Praying & Worshipping Publically Together by Distance

    The Orthodox Presbyterian Chuch in America has called for today, Saturday, August 21, 2021, to be a day of prayer and fasting that “we might lament our distress and unworthiness before the Lord, confess our sin, and commit ourselves anew to the faithful service of the Lord our God…” This could...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    Resources on Church Order & Ordinances

    The Reformation recognized that numerous commands in Scripture were for the good-order of the Church in their given context, and were not absolutely binding, without qualification, on all times and societies. This Scriptural category of 'Church ordinances' was a common-place in Reformation...
  3. W

    Coronavirus: Are These People Hoarding or Wisely Preparing?

    Question 1.) Are these people hoarding or wisely preparing?