covenant of grace

  1. Travis Fentiman

    Are good works necessary to salvation?

    While maintaining justification by faith alone, the Reformed have historically answered this question: Yes. Many historic reformed resources are linked on the below webpage on this issue, including many in Latin from Reformed Orthodoxy with numerous quotes from those works translated. The...
  2. Panegyric

    'Membership,' and covenant breaking

    Especially between Presbyterians & Baptists, the unbreakableness of the New Covenant has been much controverted as a possible way of resolving the debate over subjects of baptism (see this thread for instance). The unbreakableness of the New Covenant is usually deduced from Jeremiah 31:32 (cf...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Covenant of Redemption: Resource Available

    The Covenant of Redemption is: the eternal, inter-Trinitarian covenant between the Father and the Son whereby the Son guarantees to purchase and bring God’s chosen people to eternal life and Heaven forever, laying the foundation for the Covenant of Grace as it is offered and entered into by...
  4. R

    The Covenant of Grace: Binitarian or Trinitarian?

    I am a little confused as concerns a catechism my wife, who was teaching our oldest in his schooling (home schooled), ran by me this morning to verify. The catechism asks, "With whom did God the Father make the covenant of grace?" A: "With Christ, his eternal Son". Now I have always answered...