covenant children

  1. BLM

    James Henley Thornwell's View of How to Treat Covenant Children

    Hello friends, The good exchange over on the General Pattern of Baptism in the NT thread made me interested to learn more about some of the views our Reformed Presbyterian friends have regarding covenant children and how they are to be regarded and I came across an article tonight that had a...
  2. mrhartley85

    Postmill and infant baptism

    I’m new to Westminster Federalism, but is postmillenialism related to the idea that the elect are usually and providentially born into believing families? In other words, does the fact that covenant children and the promises to them tie into the idea of postmillenial eschatology?
  3. P

    Are babies adults in Heaven?

    Grieving the loss of my brother and sister-in-law's 8 week old "in utero" baby...I am thankful we can peacefully assume he/she is in Heaven, but it did make me wonder...are there any reasons to believe this "embryo" would be a fully developed human in Heaven? I am comforting myself with this...